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Is Marijuana Healthy? (Wake-up Health with Paul 11-27-19)

Is Marijuana Healthy? (Wake-up Health with Paul 11-27-19) Get even more raw food health videos at my member site! on …

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  1. Hey brother Paul. Im a true believer in Yah and I use cbd oil every night since a discovered a ball in my neck, its been a month and is getting smaller. Also helps me to sleep well and relax my back of all tension. Feeling great and It doesn't get me high because is medicinal cbd oil.

  2. Cannabis has a distinct purpose; the issue with this becomes apparent when individuals, like Paul has stated, extol only the benefits of this substance and not its risks. For every ailment that cannabis can help cure or alleviate, there are dozens of other plants, herbs and substances found in nature that can accomplish the same effect without any of the potential hallucinogenic or mind-altering consequences. I am personally not a user of any mind-altering substance (these are the days in which one must remain sober); I see the legalization push as an attempt by those with ulterior motives to exploit a very legitimate cause (health and wellness) as an inroads to the indulging of this substance for their true intent: recreational use. This is the abuse of the substance, in my opinion. It's not a popular view these days to be against medicinal cannabis – it should not have been criminalized in the first place – but to legalize it now when the majority of those advocating its use are already using it recreationally, is not wise either.

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