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Is It Finally Time To Buy Marijuana Stocks In 2019?

Welcome to my world of stocks!!! My name is Ale, and today, we’ll be taking a look at marijuana stocks or weed stocks to see if it’s time to buy or stay away, and …

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  1. Are any of you invested in Marijuana Stocks? What's your favorite? Let me know and hit the like button if you want to see more videos on weed stocks in the future! Thank you for the support! 🙂

  2. So I'm totally new to this and heard from a friend about buying weed stock. Do you have a video how to start from the get go? Fresh off the boat… Good information on your video BTW. 👍

  3. weed stock has made me a million dollars and now am a certified millionaire.. If i can do it anyone can contact me stephanjamestrade at gmail to get straight to the money

  4. $330,000 Profit potential with Hemp/Marijuana stock (FTEG) -22 Million shares bought at bottom and then sold for a Penny and half or .015 yields $330,000 returns.

  5. You're a good guy. Very honest and thorough. I can tell you really want to help and educate people and you're not in it for yourself. You're going to live a happy and purposeful life.

  6. WeedMD will be one of Canada's largest producers by mid 2019. We all know the largest producers have market caps of multi-billions $. WeedMD will need to QUADRUPLE just to reach a $1 billion market cap. WeedMD is one of the most undervalued plays that is due for a massive move to the UP side.

  7. VFF actually reported a profit, its actually supplying cannibus companies that need to acquire cannibus due to not being able to grow enough AAND they now have 1.1million sqft of growing space repurposed for cannibus growth and are slated to be able to grow around 40-50% of the current cannibus demand. These guys are situation in a sweet position!

  8. I own some of TGODF & OGRMF. Purchase on Nio @6.50 December last year hold for long term. Omg I didn't trade but I believe Nio, buy more shares @ 6.50 for future blue sky. I also love ACB too.

  9. I greatly believe investing in Marijuana is highly lucrative, i personally know a few folks who became millionaires form investing in this stocks.

  10. Traded a bit a while back in that little Q3/Q4 pot bubble; mostly CRON and IGC. These days I've been going long and buying primarily ACB, then HEXO and just holding the NEPT shares I have.

  11. Flipped ACB leading up to and after legalization and made out well. Sold remaining position in ACB during this last uptick in price. Put that money and more into Heritage Cannabis (CANN) Currently sitting undervalue and poised for a significant share price increase with the last license pending and expected this month. CANN is integrated from grow to extraction with facilities to easily expand and toll process for others. Strong management team with a steady hand leading them that has been executing there well thought out plan slighting ahead of schedule at each step.

  12. The Dragons Den thing on Cannabis Millionaires. Apparently predictive software that helps build income ? I am not a part of it but trying to get unbiased information. Can anybody share their own experience of this company please. I am interested but pardon the pun a bit green on the subject of investing.

  13. I have been watchn very closely at Aurora , pharmaceutical companies as well… definitely great content as always ,would love to see more videos on this topic…

  14. Hi Ale! I like your unbiased videos VERY much (though they are a little long). I have a question: at around 15:25 you say that an investor is not a swing trader. But, wouldn't it be just smart to set a "trailing stop loss percentage" on a stock that is volatile? That way, you limit your risk to lets say 10 percent, while enjoying all of the upside potential. If it triggers and automatically sells, and then goes another 10-40 percent lower, you can then buy the stock back when it bottoms out and starts going up again…AND now you can buy MORE shares of it, since you didn't just sit there and absorb the whole loss/downside. I just found out about this now, but it seems AWESOME. What do you think about it?

  15. Sectors and firms that will serve this industry and what I'm watching for are: 1) Security industry – firms that are and will protect physical plants from theft / break-ins (will be big later and a couple leaders at the moment are in play)
    2) e-Commerce platforms who will sell online and will be uniquely positioned with their software to follow laws and measurement units – right now the leader is SHOP (Shopify) because Canada just chose the company as the select e-commerce platform for all growers and shippers in Canada. Stock has gone up $22/share since I bought a few weeks ago – but is up and down a few bucks each day as of this comment date. SHOP is in great space outside of this and growing leaps and bounds in its own e-commerce sector, also being Facebook's chosen platform for online sales on Facebook.

    3) Two last things: Real Estate Holdings like IIPR; and Beverage infused cannibas drinks. Once beverage market comes through, speculation on (eventually) damaging the alcohol market – potentially. Think prohibition. Those who invested in alcohol in the beginning are now billionaires, or their lineage – is. It is an interesting time in history. Once Washington demotes pot from narcotic class, and passes 420, it's game-on. All indicators say both look promising with Boehner doing his infomercials and acceptance through Congress, Trump and Barr positive. Mitch McConnell needs to just go the hell home. He'll be the hold-out. But there's never been a political chance at legalization for recreation federally, than this year.

    The Pennies would be nice to predict who is going to front run from there because that is where $10k can turn into $250k, like the days of Amazon or Netflix. Now, that's what I'm waiting for. Watching AUX for this at the moment where $100 shares will run you $55, at the moment – but there are a couple hundred firms like this, so it's anyone's guess.

  16. I’m bullish on the industry. I like canopy, origin house, NUGL, Cronos, ETFMG because they either already have a huge foot print or they look attractive to larger companies. NUGL is an interesting company that may look attractive to a larger company $$$. Chunks of industry investment in some of these larger companies is encouraging, growth looks promising- pun intended.

  17. That would be great I did do research on ACB but you here different views one view it’s a good stock to get in another view it’s not? A good stock to get it too I appreciate if you do more videos on ACB

  18. I just started recently researching different Marijuana stocks. as of right now I purchase small shares of ACB. I think long term it be a good company to invest. still early yet that's why for now I just purchase a small share and watch it. its sounds like from the video ACB is one of your favorite stock? like the video can you do video on ACB only a thought thanks

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