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‘I’m Homeless Because This Has Been Given To Me,’ Says Dr. Phil Guest

A woman who quit her job and began living in her car over a year ago refuses medication and denies having any mental health issues. Her son says she’s been …

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  1. She seems pretty normal put anybody in the street and they will have some anxiety you live inside a house and then you go to live on the street I understand you feeling like you're always being watched you have no privacy

  2. When you're paranoid, sometimes you get auditory hallucinations. Maybe she is hearing the people around her say things that they are not actually saying? Maybe the girl in her apartment above her actually wasn't making noise, she was hearing it in her head? And that's why she says people were acting "differently" everywhere…just a thought..

  3. Honestly it’s so hard for mentally ill people to be on a medication routine, and I feel that the medical system makes it much worst. Hopefully we have more doctors and nurses who are committed full knowledge of mental illness

  4. I would love to know if this poor woman had a flu shot ( compulsory when working in a hospital) before her mental state went spiraling out of control ???? When it doesn’t have a side effect for some it can be very dangerous for others and sadly the big pharmaceutical companies cover these side effects up ! It’s just a thought

  5. What's this " Young man " doing with her ? He can't be after her money, she's homeless, so what is it ? I just can't think he loves her but does she buy him drugs, food, what ? This is strange. Why Momma ? Why? What happened ?

  6. I went through this with my mother. She had OCD and was bipolar. I let her live with me and her paranoia ran her life and mine. Couldn't have friends over and she wouldn't leave the house. Even at the end, she refused to go to get help when she was having a mild heart attack. She would've survived had she gone, but she refused to get in the car. By the time the ambulance arrived 20 mins later, she was gone. I feel a lot of guilt, even though it's not exactly my fault. It's very hard to get power of attorney over someone who is still cognitively there.

  7. Did she really say "everyone is weird"? She's literally naming different seats in her car as 'rooms'. I don't blame her kids for not wanting her to live with them. She needs help. I'm not one for medicating EVERY problem, but it's necessary in many situations. This woman is sick, and not thinking clearly.

  8. There was a homeless woman that used to sleep in the parking lot of my old job that acted just like this. Turned out she was bipolar and adhd. I believe she is still there because I see her car every now and then but its going on 4 plus years. She refuses any kind of help from family or women's shelters

  9. Her daughter calling her menace to society?? Why is she so bitter and cruel towards her?? I could never let my mother be homeless like this, I wouldnt be able to sleep knowing she's sleeping in her car while I've got a comfy bed!

  10. I feel aweful for the mother being forced to take meds is aweful and knowing that she is obviously in need of just someone to have empathy and listen to her and help her get back to a fresh start

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