Cooking With Cannabis

I took TEN times the amount of CBD oil and documented it!

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  1. Also no way to extract just CBD from the plant. If you feel anything you're high off THC idiots. THC makes you relaxed not CBD. CBD is a anti inflamitory that reduces swelling for arthritis like asprine.

  2. Dear
    Thanks for this video
    When I took cbd I feel some wrong in my eyes I google it and some articles said that cbd oil might increase eye pressure
    U said I feel focus but I felt some pain something wrong in my eyes or ot is just focus mode

  3. I took 13 of a srynge not even sure how much it was mixed with 0.24% thc actually got stoned for like ten minutes where I felt I needed to crash. For someone who doesn't smoke weed I would say deffently don't take more then the recommended does just starting off. Might even take a few drops less.

  4. I took 1mg per pound of bodyweight for my first and only dose (150mg), it contained 0.3% THC. I thought my heart was going to stop, shortness of breath and was pretty much paralyzed, slept for 13 hrs, drank 5L water and took the day off work because I was in no condition to drive, 24 hrs later I did 3hrs of exercise and another 3L water and came back to reality. I guess I'm the first and only person in the existence of the human race to have any negative reaction…

  5. I take 4 droppers a day which for my cbd oil is 68mg and I don’t feel anything but just an overall sense of calmness. I can drive talk and do everything normal. Ima try taking more to see if I feel more effects.

  6. Converting CBD into THC is a very simple process. All one needs is an acid and heat (as described in the patented process). So for it to convert in the stomach isn't inconceivable, however unlikely.

  7. hmmm…'worked for 4 hours ' hopefully she does exercise, as computer 'work' is anything but healthy – EMF is VERY present everywhere especially via the computer and also unhealthy for the eyes – i will guess she is a daily THC user OR the CBD was an Isolate with no Flavinoids etc otherwise she would VERY likely get stoned out of her tree

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