How Cannabis Works

I Caught A Crazy Monkey In My Pot Garden

Outdoor organic growing.

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  1. Kali , I believed that ,STRAW MULCH
    should be put in the pot AFTER the cover crop is (spread,grown and cut). Cause its difficult to grow the barley etc( cover crop )through the mulch.Look into this. Timing of the mulch.The worms lay eggs in a protected sack in the winter and in the spring ( warm time) hatch and whole new group of worms is born. Thus mulch is needed in the hot part of the grow season

  2. you should get a rake… its better than your fingers… just scratch the rake around and get the seeds down in the dirty… you shoulda toss some seeds around the outside bottom of your raised beds too

  3. How are you, brother? I am here from Brazil and I accompany your channel has a time, and I think it is very good, unfortunately I use Translator to communicate because the education here is very low in relation to other languages, and in the videos I do not understand much, I wonder if you have any pdf material? and some tips on how to prepare the soil before planting.

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