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How To Support Big Ass Weed Plants Like A Boss!!!

Outdoor Organic Growing.

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  1. I have watched about six of your videos now and really appreciate your charisma and knowledge.  You are very well spoken.  Thank you for your education, as you are a great teacher.  Being in Canada, we deal with low temperatures, high humidity and powdery mildew, outside, at the end of August.  It's very hard to grow outdoors in September and October here.  You can't leave the plants outside in September because the humidity is over 90% for about 12 hours of the day.  Also, with the nature of the property, I have to move the plants by 2:00 pm, if they wish to enjoy sunshine between 2:00 – 6:00 pm (more shade after 6:00 pm).  If I wanted to use 30 gallon smart pots this year and a cage (new concept for me), do you think you could put the cage in a 30 gallon smart pot and still move it twice per day?  Also, do you think the cage would wreck the smart pot?  Do you think it would be moveable?  I have used garbage cans without cages (21 gallons) for the past 2 years, but that is old technology.  The plants don't grow any larger than 3 feet tall in the garbage cans.  Thanks for any advice that you can provide Kaligrownbudz.

  2. Hell yeah Kali!! Think im as excited as u are to c what 2019 season has instore super stoked to c those redwoods and the way do u think u figures out a way to hold up those big ass fruits this yr..cause I kno u were having some issues last year.Hope u got it worked out anyway Peace my gromies!!

  3. Been cach´n up on your last 3 vidds al in a row……..crap im stoned, forgott the etible a hade befor starting so im just blaz´n away. lol, cheers for a stellar morning. Hey, do you anker them to the grownd ? Much love my Kali-viking.

  4. Great educational video brother, I have one question. I might have missed it, but what do you use to secure the small cage to the pots? Thank you much!, keep up the great work.

  5. I moved to organic outdoor thanks to you bro. This year is my first year going full organic gona see how it turns out. Got about 4 pages of notes and 2 years on indoor and outdoor experience . Let’s grow them redwoods!

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