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How to Grow Bananas in Containers – Complete Growing Guide

Growing bananas indoors can be fun, beautiful, and rewarding! Bananas are easy to grow and can be grown in containers fairly simply. In this complete growing …

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  1. So I a pond in my back yard with 6 large turtles and 3 large koi fish and they are constantly producing tons of "wast" so I was wondering if I put a banana tree in a good size bucket with tons of holes drilled in it to let any water flow straight though it and then gravel at the bottom to hold everything in and then sand coconut fiber and moss at the top with a tube constantly running nutrient rich "wast" water through it 24/7 would that rot out the banana tree or would something like that work because I've done this with another plant that was just growing outside my house when we moved in and it did extremely extremely well to the point where we have to take out the entire plant because it was doing so well but I know not all plants are the same so I just wanted to know if something like this would work or if it would ruin my banana tree

  2. It is incorrect to say that temperatures under 60F will not work with fruiting bananas. There are numerous banana growing pockets in California where temperatures get near freezing in winter and the plants bounce back to yield fruit in the warmer months. You just have to pick the appropriate varieties for cultivation in cooler zones.

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