How Rick Started Beverage Company HyVIDA

How do you start a new beverage company? Inventor Stephen Key interviews Rick Smith, the entrepreneur behind the new beverage line Hy Vida. Rick says 3 …

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  1. I really appreciate your insistence on "why should the consumer pick that beverage over X". At the end of day, it is what matters (provided it is something beneficial to the consumer and the world off course)

  2. Thanks Stephan and Rick. Hy Vida is awesome, looking forward to it coming to South Africa. – So I'm a business development professional who has been bitten by the EV bug. I'm doing research into off-the-grid ev chargers and by extension, solar cells and storage. I have 0 expertise and 0 experience with manufacturing or industrial design and have little to no capital. However, the more I dive into the research two things keep occurring to me: 1 I'm out of my depth. 2. I am becoming more and more convinced that I am on to something… Any advice for someone in my position? cheers, K

  3. Pure excellence! I've been watching inventRightTv for approximately five years self-educating myself with all of the excellent knowledge you provide us. ”Thanks again Stephen Key.”

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