Endocannabinoid System

How Marijuana Is Good And Bad For You

Marijuana is the common term for cannabis that is derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plan has hundreds of chemicals in it called cannabinoids.

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  1. How does someone know if they are "already prone to developing psychosis?" There's no way that I, or any other young person who experiments with drugs think, "Oh hey, I may be prone to psychosis. I probably shouldn't hit this blunt." My point is that if marijuana can trigger psychosis then it should be stated absolutely. I get this weird inkling that their is a huge push for legalization and some doctors are behind it. Therefore, they have to state that marijuana does not equal causation but of course, their is correlation. Am I wrong? Can you further expand?

  2. I no longer smoke weed or can because I have pyschosis. It's crazy because I'm rediculously sensitive to the smoke. But I'm learning more and more about cbd to treat migraines. Great video!! Very informative

  3. Question: what, if any, research exists for psychiatric illness caused by people who smoke cannabis multiple times a day, as well as daily? Can chronic use cause anxiety? Can sudden withdrawal cause depression? Is there any research that shows a link? What about long term chronic use, can it cause psychiatric episodes of paranoia that last longer than the paranoia sometimes occurring during the high? Does the research available only speak to impairment of cognitive function during the high, or is anyone studying the effects during the withdrawal phase as well? I read a newspaper article out of Colorado that stated emergency rooms are seeing a marked increase in what they called psychotic episodes in chronic users since the legalization of recreational marijuana. Is it your professional opinion that chronic use could cause psychotic episodes in people not previously diagnosed with psych issues?
    Would you believe this is a subject matter very close to my heart? Thanks for your time and consideration.

  4. Hi! I'm bipolar and smoke daily but my psychiatrist asked me to stop smoking, so I did but I resented it. I really appreciate this video, it's really helped me understand why she asked me to stop. Thanks.

  5. CBD makes it better and takes away the anxiety of the thc and helps protect the brain while on thc. Problem is CBD has been bred out of today’s cannibas to increase thc. So you need to get a quality CBD oil, not the stuff on amazon. That’s mostly hemp oil with no CBD in it. Get that and use it before ingesting cannibas, it will cut the high a bit but it’s worth it for the less anxiety and neuro protection. .

  6. Thank you for your informed and non-judgmental video. I dont think society treats cannabis with the respect it deserves, it's a powerful cocktail of substance that can do so many things. When governments criminalise it, they are disrespecting it. When young people chainsmoke and spend all day on the couch, they are disrespecting it too.

    I have bipolar 2 disorder and I found a cannabis habit to be on the whole destabilising. It sent my mania sky high and gave me anxiety and paranoia issues. However, there were also times when it treated my depressions in a way nothing else could, and I also found some strains (presumably high in CBD) had a levelling effect that gave me back some functionality I had lost. In spite of my experience I still think maybe cannabis could one day have a role in mental health treatment, but we would need to be able to control very closely the THC and CBD content in a way that we can't just yet.

  7. On day 5 of quitting weed from being a daily user 3 times I heard someone talking downstairs while I was home alone, the next day I was hallucinating most of the day. I tried smoking again but I think it only made it worse. 1 year later and they haven't gone away, I think I might've been on the road anyways because I started getting people's voices stuck in my head after watching a video, it wasn't from like anxiety or OCD, it wasn't even saying anything discernable it was more like the tone of voice.

    Yes I already went to my doctor, started taking meds and am weed free, I'm just telling my story.

    I heard CBD helps with psychosis but THC makes it worse, maybe the CBD was helping me more than the THC was hurting, IDK it's only a theroy.

  8. Dr. Marks,Could you please do a video on what is the benefits or dangers of vaporing for the people that tries to quit smoking and substitutes to vapor?  I wonder if the chemicals of the vapor has serious effects on the lungs or the body.  Thanks again for all of your amazing work!

  9. Great video Dr. Tracey. So I've been suffering what we believe is anxiety and depression for the past few months. (I'm 40 and also went through this around age 23-26 or so but it feels worse now). Anyways, I was looking into obtaining CBD with low component of THC through legal governmental route here in Ontario, Canada but after some questionnaires, doctors felt because a) one of my older brothers has schizophrenia (had some signs as a teenager but cme out strong closer to 20) and b) mom has early signs of dementia, they strongly advised to avoid THC because it can bring out schizophrenia for example. With that said, they said they'd be ok with me trying over the counter CBD oil only (zero THC) as this will have no impact on making me feel paranoia or possibly bring on schizophrenia. I know you briefly touched on this but it sounds like you didnt believe CBD is helpful for anxiety/depression? And in your opinion do you agree that CBD oil (no thc) is safe for somenody like me who has family history? The thing that bothers me lately is I have symptoms I didnt have when I went through this in mid 20's. Used to be more social anxiety and would go away when situation was done. I know have anxiety and nervousness most of the day, a lightheaded/dizziness feeling which seems to start around lunch and gets worse as day goes on (feel better before bed) and the worst one : I feel a weird sensitivity to negative things ie: if news is on and people hurt or killed, or if somebody has sickness, I feel uncomfortable watching. Sorry for long message, lot going on. Ps – was on ciprolex for 2 months and now on trintellix for 3 weeks. Thanks!

  10. Another great video! Thanks!

    I had been smoking a number of years starting at the age of 13 and it has always been a mixed bag for me, sometimes it's extremely alleviating and enjoyable although I become prone to procrastination, other times I will smoke and completely shut down, fidget, mumble, become alert to potential dangers, I'm sure it's negatively affected my life more than done good and I do regret it at times, but the learing experience is very much valued and I do advocate for its use in particular circumstances.

    I finally quit it, and a number of other substances after beginning Citalopram and feel like I'm finally returning to myself, I don't recognise this self although I'm sure it was once there, it's unfortunate that it's engrained in some of my social circles, as I see the effect it's having on themselves at times.

    I now find myself with a huge amount of time and mental capacity to apply myself to things I actually need to do, although, I do wonder if it's worth ever smoking again, as I really did enjoy it at times, however the impulse control part I was unaware of, that is a huge concern due to my addictive personality, I began taking the Citalopram and stopped doing any other substances, aside from occasional alcohol, and cigarettes, due to a particularly difficult recent break up.

  11. Not to go on a rant here but. Dr. Marks your understanding of neuroscience could use a little refresh. Please do some research on CBD, the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

  12. Excuse me Dr. Marks @ 3:00 you should correct your incorrect statement that THC binds to the CBD1 receptors. The correct receptor is the CB1. 🤪

  13. Hello, I am brazilian and I have borderline, I usually smoke marijuanna to relief anxiety and feel relax..

    I have BPD already before starting smoking marijuanna (at 21 years)

    I'd like to know if this is "bad" for me somehow…

  14. Thanks for the info. So my husband has been diagnosed bipolar and refuses to take prescribed medication. However he recently started smoking, vape and eatables I can tell the difference by his mood he is so much calmer so much more pleasant to be around. His mood was effecting our relationship I wasn’t sure if we were going to last without him acknowledging that he needs treatment. But since marijuana it’s better. Sometimes I feel guilty by encouraging him to smoke if it not the best thing to do. But our household is a lot more peaceful and less exhausting. What do you think?

  15. Thank's for the informative video! Though I wish you'd added a little more to you're discussion of THC or the plant as a whole.
    THC is not "bad" or "unhealthy" unless it's usage is abused.
    It has many positive qualities such as it being a healthy and less debilitating substitute to alcohol. It is also the most supreme anti-depressant drug available.

  16. Hi, i've been diagnosed with depression & and anxiety. i had some psychotic episodes (sorry if its not the right word, english is not my main language) when drank too much or when smoked marijuana. 2 years ago a psichiatrist gave me pregabaline to treat a stress breakdown and i remember experiencing some mild psychodelic effects, similar to marihuana. is this because of gaba neurotransmitters?

  17. I only smoked for only a week if i added up the days that i smoked in each season…..will I still get a domino effect because I had a bad experience and now I have derealization

  18. So informative, everything you stated happens to me, i suffer from mental health,(bi-polar i think) but have found as of late i started micro dosing thc in oil form @ 10mg/1ml just a couple drops when my Anxiety kicks in.
    So far i find it limits all those extremes symptoms an just calms me down without feeling that intense high feeling.
    i meditate,exercise an eat well.. But i find this isnt enough still…

    Do you reccomend i completely go off any thing that might be detrimental to my health(10mg/1ml)(even 1 cup of coffee a day)? Ive eliminated Alcohol also from my life.

  19. Could you tell us why narcotics such as cocaine and meth produces side effects such as paranoia and at high doses auditory and visual hullinanctions similar to Schizophrenia?

    I know it's because of the brain being flooded with dopamine. So to rephrase the question.

    Why does extreme elevated dopamine level cause psychosis?

  20. this is crazy I found this video!! I also think I have BPD and it seems worse when I smoke weed and I smoke basically all the time to cope.

  21. Please doctor.. please guide me about antipsychotic tablets withdrawal symptoms… I saw your antidepressants withdrawal symptoms it was very useful and my symptoms were same as brain zaps… now please guide me on antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms

  22. Every body with problems needs a plain talking doctor like you👍👍👍 your a gun Dr Tracey …. ive sufferer years of major depression n bipolar….. i work have my own business and look after a family of 4…… but im blunted and flatlining all the time …..im a shadow of the guy i used to be at 59 years of age and close to retiring ….everyday now i hope all this shit will let go of me so i ..can just be me…… im a really friendly happy and interested/ creative induvidual but years of this shit is simply taking the wind out of my sails …..and tracey for the rest of my life i want to fly ………..

  23. Medical Marijuana is usually a cross between hemp (No recreational value) and Marijuana (stoned city). One strain is Charlotte's web. To avoid possible psychotic effects associated with thc. One could just smoke straight up hemp. It has soo much cbd and so little thc that it renders the thc ineffective.

  24. #1
    On thing that wasn't mentioned in this video is terpenes. They give plants their smell. Terpenes (ex: limonene, myrcene) also interact with thc to create different effects.
    Hemp which is legal in most states has less than .3% thc and high amounts of cbd.

  25. I have been asking myself that question for a long time. Great video and amazingly explained. I'll post it so I can educate others on the topic 👍🏼☺️

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