Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD

Dank Network in partnership with Leafbuyer presents: Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD As if cannabis laws per state weren’t difficult to understand already… there …

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  1. SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS VIDEO it's all cannabis first off second off all thc is the same potency it's the amount you ingest that determines potency there all cannabinoids stop misinforming people.

  2. I got to stop you at the 4:00 mark… cannabis ruderalis IS NOT INDUSTRIAL HEMP. Hemp is a sub-S of cannabis SATIVA. Google it!!! Current cultivation lead for a multi million dollar Nevada based cultivation center.

  3. Cannabis is the gene. Marijuana does not produce CBD. If you are trying to get the most thc out of your Bud you do not want your plants anywhere near hemp. The hemp will lower the the the in your Bud.

  4. Thank you for the content; im looking into some type of CBD drops that calms the inner voice; that does not cause me to fail a drug test. Not a fan of regular weed products. Any recommendations? By the way Sistah, great commentary and production. I know there was time and energy expenditure involved in your efforts.

  5. Cannabis is botanical Latin. Hemp is a German or old English rooted word. Science dictates we use botanical Latin when refering to plant names. We are really growing High CBD Cultivars of Cannabis or High THC Cultivars. The chemical compounds found are called cannabinoids in either variety. We have forgotten the rules of language and have made up words to put in place of things we do not understand. Marijuana is a made up word by the American Europeans used to describe Cannabis from Mexico. Legally using these terms is illagitament. CBD sourced from Cannabis or Hops or any other plant they are deriving it from is isolated CBD. Isolated CBD can not very to much no matter where it comes from it is an isolate, therefore it is CBD. Our law tries to continually confuse use and make us look a fool.

  6. -Legal Delta-9 THC threshold is .3%, not .03%
    -Hemp is cannabis
    -Hemp is just legal because it can be bred to produce low Delta-9 THC
    -She failed to mention a huge difference between industrial hemp and medical CBD; terpene profile

  7. She’s wrong Hemp CBD is >.3%. She said .03% which is a huge difference. Hemp CBD will pop up as a fail on a drug test without a doubt. Just think you won’t be getting high and you will actually fail a drug test. It would take about a couple weeks of every day use to build the THC up in your system.

  8. They're the same plant. The molecules are exactly the same. Industrial hemp is just a cannabis plant that contains low amounts of THC.

    Also, there are no laws regulating the sale of cbd containing products to minors, you don't have to be 18+

  9. Let me ask you, If you do not sign a contract, is it a valid contract? If you do not agree, is that no and not a yes. If so then Silence is not compliance, because Government does not have your consent to make laws that they do not have to follow. No where have you ever signed a contract to allow a group of terrorist to make laws. Because at this time, that is what everyone in government is, they are terrorists that you never agreed to give them a right to make laws that you have to follow under any penalty. Because for a contract to be valid, you have to sign to show you agree. And no law has your signature on it, saying you will agree to the penalties. And the claim that you auto sign and say yes by not saying no, means that you are entitled to half of every rich man's wealth, because for it to be a valid contract for you, you do not have to sign, right?

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