Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis for begiiners

Tips and tricks for new cannabis growers.

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  1. Great information. Really enjoy these last couple post. You break it down so anyone just starting out will get it. I've learned alot about how these amazing plant work by watching your channel. After I watch your channel I get motivated to find out more. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your time and knowledge that you share with people either with posting on YouTube or on a forum.

  2. Man love the info, definitely been wanting to make the switch to dynagrow. I am in the process of running some of your crosses. Looking good. I also dabble in crossing some stuff. It's fun, really only got 2 that have turned out good in my opinion though. I have been crossing citrus trees forever and it takes forever and you may not get good fruit for 5-6years of work. I also cross pepper plants. Anyway like how you cut through the bullshit and just get straight to it. Keep up the good work man.

  3. ive heared some people talk about the dolomite lime mix to bring the ph up after theyve mixed aload of stuff into a soil mix thats brought it down. idunno tho never used it myself.

  4. 🆔️🔞&👍 lol I think most know common sense type of shit when growing. I think stuff is hella stupid. Like transplanting is soo easy and lames make videos on it. A lot of channels need to retire from YouTube.most are repeat channels.the favoritism is a bitch to,seems YouTube only like sponsor grower channels.sometime I cant even find my own videos.but when i go to look at cannabis grow it's the same channel at top each time. Hollywood videos do well,great knowledge doesn't do well.have to rely on people surfing channels. Nice grow…

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