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Grandmother rescues koala from bushfire

Video of the dramatic rescue shows Toni Doherty running to help a koala near Port Macquarie, New South Wales (NSW), as the catastrophic fires that have …

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  1. Do u humans realize that in these fires sooooo many small tiny animals also got killed aswell rodents insects rats mice snakes cockroaches ants worms snails slugs lizards etc BUT because they are so small tiny or not so cute in bastard humans view they never get saved .u fuckin humans should save all animals .no animal is ugly scary dirty .no animal is a pest nor vermin .only u humans who are haters are vermin ugly scary and dirty smelly hearted .I would save all insects cockroaches spiders ants lizards rats mice etc everything from fire if I was there .

  2. And now ,sadly , the animal Hospital has decided to the koala named Lewis was not going to recover from he's burns and yesterday the 26/11 has put him to sleep ! R I P Lewis ,U were a fighter

  3. Bless that wonderful lady who didn't care what she looked like all she cared about was saving that poor little koala. Glad he is safe and being cared for now in a Sanctuary. So sad though for all those who didn't make it. Hope very bad karma comes to whoever started a bushfire.

  4. Humanity and compassion still exists. May God bless that woman for risking her safety and life to rescue that beautiful koala. I pray that he (the koala) fully heals from his injuries. 🐨❤🙏

  5. If everyone adopts one Koala they won't go extinct, and grow into millions!
    Cute little Koala didn't even know to run away from fire, glad he was rescued.

  6. wildfires in austrailia, wildfires in the u.s., toxic smog in india and pakistan. some days when i look at stuff like that on the news, it makes me think the world may be ending. i hope im wrong, god i hope im wrong.

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