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Giving kids cannabis –  those three words must immediately spark some form of RAGE from most citizens of any country.

Well it does seem to be a theme the establishment keeps yelling at us, as the discussions of legalization begins – WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?

Yes, we must talk about the kids and how this plant actually helps certain conditions. We must also look at GETTING YOU EDUCATED first – cannabis has benefits for kids suffering from epilepsy.

I say this because of what you been told about this plant is false, so the conditioning you have been programmed to respond to, is that a natural plant cant be medicine. This is what we call – madness! You are after all, a natural being, in a natural environment. Ask the parents who witness how the pharmaceutical drugs tear apart their kids bodies right in front of them. They sit there powerless and get no positive results from this bombardment of chemicals, their children are receiving.

The world is at least producing more and more people speaking out about their cannabis use and how this plant helps them. Some surprises in this development, the Doctors are slowly now coming on board with their support. This change of heart was when they actually started listening to their patients.  Cannabis gave better relief for a multitude of ailments, is curing cancer, non toxic to the human body and it was eliminating epileptic seizures in Kids. That right there, should of made the entire medical fraternity stop what they doing and get research done, but no this did not happen. The struggle to get information is real, just as the scientists are struggling to get approval to study the plant, we are begging for answers on the topic.

Although you can trace the evidence that people knew in 1947, that cannabis seems to alleviate epilepsy.

This was part of the censorship of the cannabis plants benefits for the sake of greed. How many human being do you think have been suffering since 1947, with such a terrible and fatal condition, that could of had relief if this plant was recognized?

So should any parent considering using cannabis for their child, it’s important to know the medicinal basics, potential benefits, and any associated risks. We do try offer up to date content, articles, and videos from real doctors who believe education is a powerful tool in the treatment of many conditions.

A parent’s guide to understanding cannabis as a treatment for pediatric seizures. Dr. Dustin Sulak outlines what every parent considering cannabis as a seizure treatment for their child needs to understand in this video series.

Pediatric Seizures Part 1

Pediatric Seizures Part 2

Pediatric Seizures Part 3

Pediatric Seizures Part 4

Pediatric Seizures Part 5


Charlotte Figi, the little girl that changed the whole game worldwide, to gain access to a plant, that helps seizures in kids. Some brave people, stuck their neck out and started studying this plant and self medicating as a last resort, when there was nowhere else to turn. We talking about parents who understood this plant was against the law, based on desperation and no help from the authorities – they made a plan to do what ever they could. The results speak for themselves, listening to their story.


It is completely understandable that parents will do anything for their kids and cannabis can definitely help, as you have seen. Going on to YouTube, there are many more stories and user accounts of how this plant and specifically ‘CBD’ in this case, that is helping the kids the most.


The medical information on these videos is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.  This information is not intended as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Unless otherwise stated, none of the authors are valid medical professionals and only provide the links and information for your own perusal and consideration .

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  • Newsweed

    So many examples and achievements of cannabis for kids today, especially to treat epilepsy.
    It shouldn’t be forbidden under medical supervision !

    • Profile photo of Dean

      We totally agree.

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