Gallstones and Surgical Removal of Gallbladder (Cholecystectomy) Animation.

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  1. I've had a 2 periods of abdominal pain, bith sent me to the ER. The Ultrasound revealed gallstones, one if which was 1.4cm. When the 2nd episode came (a month later) i was in agony for 2
    3 hours. I know this sounds weird but in an attempt of wanting to see it (the gallstone) i collected my feces with a strainer but i couldn't find it. I wonder if they dissolved once they left the gallbladder and mix with the bile? I might add that this was an absolutely HORRIBLE experience. Ive broken several bones etc and never had anything this painful happen to me! I feel 100% better now. I might add that I used to be able to smell them in my sinus cavity, now I no longer smell the feces odor. Luckily the Ultrasound revealed that I have no more gallstones. Hope this problem is GONE!

  2. Im 34 yrs old, i had mine out on dec 1, 2020, im still recovering. I have to wait more or less 1 or 2weeks for my recovery. I would advise for those who suffers gallstones, before you want to flush out the stones, you have to make sure that you have underwent ultrasound. I regret flushing it out without the doctor's advise. I had done ultrasound, it says the stones are there in my gallbladder. I consulted my gastroentrologist and gave prescription for melting the stones but prior to that, someone gave an herbal juice to flush out the stones. For 1 week ive been taking my medication but i decided to see another doctor bcoz i can still feel the excrutiating pain. Again i had my ultrasound, to my surprised, my stones are gone. My doctor referred me to an internal medicine doctor. He do some laboratory. My billilurubin is 2.4 higher than the normal range of 0.8-1.0. Which means, my stones are stucked at my bile duct. I was referred again to another doctor for ERCP to remove the block stones from my bile duct. After the procedure, nothing was ever removed, the stone was blocked at the other duct which ERCP cant do anything bout it. The last option was to remove my gallbladder by laparoscopic procedure. After the operation, the next morning, i feel the pain under my right ribs maybe because the tissues are cut and the tube that was inserted. I am taking my pain reliever for 5days but i stopped it since i can feel no more pain. As of now , i am aware of my diet. I experience LBM and gas. I hope it will gone. Laparoscopic is the safe operation.

  3. updated 7/24/2020 I had ultrasound 7/21//2020 All gallstones gone. there are few polyps measure up to 2 mm . that's it. I still gonna do that same juice every morning, this time I'll add 1 beetroots , little ginger and 1 glove garlic hopefully the polyps be gone after 2 months or at least stop the polyps turn into cancer:) I'm so happy

    This is what I know, the saturated fat in coconut oil ( medium-chain triglycerides) doesn't require bile to break down and read the following:
    This is real life real story ;

    I got Gallstones and have 2 friends had gallstones, they took 1 tbsp coconut oil mixed with 8 oz fresh green Apple juice every morning before any food, their stones gone after 2 month I started May 25th hopefully mine are gone too in a month, I'll demand another ultrasound test next month to find out. if it works I'll start my own channel to let the whole world know. so far I'm good, light urine, brown stool , constipation gone, bloated stomach gone, no attack since May 25th, every now and then I feel movement in my gallbladder like something move in slow motion but no pain, hope it was contraction from gallbladder pushing the stones out.

    PS* I also drink 4oz of celery juice before the main remedy. Saturated fat in coconut oil doesn't require bile to break down , it's good saturated fat not the bad one, remember one thing, our body required and good and bad saturated fat to balance.

  4. Very informative video 👌👌…I follow the same steps to remove the Gall bladder laparoscopically.. it's minimal invasive with minimal or no blood loss n very minimal post operative pain or discomfort…and many other advantages..👌👌

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