FLAVONOIDS: How Cannabis Gets It's Taste and How it Affects Us

How does that sweet lady Mary Jane get those amazing flavors we all love and enjoy? FLAVONOIDS! What are they and how do they affect us? This video …

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  1. love the knowledge, appreciate it all, but this vid was kinda boring, im not trying to be a troll or hater..also, how do you get a robust flavor, what strains? i just feel like we talked about what we all pretty much get out of flavornoid,,but again i love your shit i have been subbed for a while and watch some streams and all that..so dont think im trying to be a dbag bross..thanks again

  2. Yo whats good boys, love your content, very high quality. Im starting to do a couple videos here and there and i use lightworks to edit and it is so time consuming and hard as fuck to teach yourself to do it with that program. Just wondering what program you use and any other tips to learn how to edit. Ive taught myself the basics but man…takes me hours to edit a simple intro….idk thanks for your content any info would be sweet.. thanks

  3. i appreciate u brothers for all the good info keep it up ,now i did get the freeze pipe and when it works its all of that but its garbage it cracked on me the second time out of the freezer and don't even think of a exchange they would rather sale u more replacement parts, what a grate grate disappointment this pipe is .

  4. I grew a unknown strain from a really fruity bud. Long story short, the end result tasted nothing like the bud it came from. It ended up having a black liquorice note to it. The high was extremely intense in the center of the face! Crazy shit.

  5. We use a dry herb vaporizer and have no clue what we are missing with flavours as most stuff tastes a little weird it seems with dry herb, would like to try a freeze pipe but still not sure if we could handle the smoke, hence the reason we use vaporizer and make edibles. Cheers 🇨🇦

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