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  1. Can you make a video on how you make your budget spread sheet we are thinking about buying a house next year and can use a detailed budgeting break down we have goals but need to be able to keep track better

  2. INVESTMENTS,,,Consider 2 Roth IRA for your investments. The old you will be glad you did.
    DONATIONS,,,,,,Consider a local homegrown organization to support.
    You will see your money at work as you follow the organization.
    We follow Dave Ramsey BS7 here 😃

  3. You are super cool, I love how you are so supportive of everyone feeling their feelings about this whole COVID situation and I LOVE that you budget giving donations into your goals. Keep on keepin on!

  4. My mom passed away unexpectedly right at the start of the shutdown. So Im using the money to help pay off her funeral. Growing up wasn’t taught about saving money or financial goals. Thank you so much for your videos. It has taught me a lot. For that I am very grateful. Please be safe. 🙏🏻

  5. In the UK, anybody who isn't an essential worker still gets 80% of their wage while they are off. Also, if you have children, you get food parcels delivered from the government. I think the American and British governments are doing a really good job of looking after their citizens during this pandemic.

  6. I say paint the kitchen cabinets and you should still have most of your money in the bank. I am glad you said it's okay to feel sad if you're missing out on something. I really believe that in 6 to 9 months the housing market will crash and you can scoop up properties for rock bottom prices. We got our stimulus and used half to pay a small debt and leaving the other half in the bank for a rainy day.

  7. I have a husband and one child. We got our 2900 (we filed our taxes jointly). I have a question though as my husband is making it seem that I do not get an ounce of the money as he is the taxpayer. I am an Air Force Veteran, stay at home mom and online college student. Am I not entitled to half of that money? ( not counting the 500 going towards our child's saving account)..

  8. In our town we have a group that provides breakfasts to the students in all 3 schools twice a week. Its a great program that is run by volunteers and donations. Food fuels the mind – donating to something like that when schools start to again would be a great option.

  9. We used some of ours to pay credit card debt and a little bit to get some boat supplies to fix up my dad’s John boat that we have. I also bought feed for our animals the rest is sitting in the bank. My husband has been taking the kids to the lake each week, one at a time for quality time with them. Yes paint your cabinets!! You will be amazed at what life just a coat of paint will breathe into your kitchen!!

  10. You’re cheap. That’s OK I’m cheap too. We’re frugal or economical we don’t want to spend all the money. We want to keep the money for the extra. Or for the rainy days. It’s OK. It is our wisdom in our old age. I’m older than you though.

  11. I think education is a good idea however you can’t go to college if you’re starving to death and you said that you were in a really poor state and you work at that food bank. I think the money would be better spent feeding people before educating people. That’s my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Awwwwww. Hugs 💜💜💜💜 it’s OK not to be OK I agree with that. Life is hard 🤷🏼‍♀️ I had planned international cruise not even for this year but because of this I won’t be able to go.

  13. I paid off all my debt with my tax return. so, naturally, I used the stimulus for more debt…haha…used it as a down payment on a harley

  14. I missed out on going to Disney as a young adult in April. I am very sad as I haven't been since I was very little and a huge Disney freak. I was very sad. I definitely think it's okay to be sad about the things we've missed 😕

  15. I'm in Canada and those who are out of work can apply to receive $2000/4 week period for up to 16 weeks. I'm out of work right now and have applied. Ours will be divided between necessary renovations (our carport roof is rotten), debt repayment, garden expansion (we are working towards growing a large portion of our own produce), a farm share for the produce we can't grow ourselves, and supporting local businesses. We might put a portion towards savings, but our savings accounts are also doing alright at the moment so we feel the debt repayment and support of local businesses may be the best option.

  16. We were going to use ours to get certain things for the apartment we live in and then save the rest. Saturday I got tested positive for Covid and I’m now out of work for probably two or three weeks so now it’s going to be what we can live on while we’re in isolation.

  17. We’re using ours to fence our backyard and hopefully buy a playground. We were walking to the park and my kiddo is not at the point I can trust him to not run out of my yard if I sit and read by him 😂 so I just feel like now is the time

  18. Consider donating to your local volunteer EMS providers- they may not be getting a tax base and they definitely are paying way more for supplies they need to bring patients safely to the hospital.

  19. Our stimulus check is supposedly coming, no idea when. We will be using most of it for bills. I know what I want to use it for but hubby has other ideas. haha

  20. I was out of work for nearly a month due to illness. Thankfully, my husband works from home, and his job has not been interrupted. So, for the moment, we're just holding onto our stimulus money just in case.

  21. Would love it if you could share some more advice around investing….I want to give it a go but it just seems so complex and a tad scary! Any (totally) basic videos about investing would be much appreciated because you 'say it as it is!!!' Really appreciate your videos 🙃⭐

  22. It wasn’t the Prez. It was Congress! He just put his name on the checks to grab a little credit. Guess it’s working! 🤣

  23. My spouse and I got our stimulus check and we're donating 5/6 of it to various organizations (3 different churches, 1 international organization, and 1 state organization). We're keeping the last 1/6 of it to save for our future. Because we are both lucky enough to be fully employed, we decided to give almost all of it away. As to your cabinets, that would be a fun change!

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