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FAQs for Getting Medical Cannabis in Arkansas

Blog Post: Medical cannabis is a hot topic today and for good reason. It’s proven …

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  1. Here in FL it’s only 9 illnesses. I have a medical cannabis card, but the amount needed to make an edible since they are NOT available here is hard to work with. Go figure AR sounds like it will be better. FL legislature has a legal cannabis bill that it will vote on this year. Who knows what will happen?

  2. Ben RileyΒ  the political correct term is cannabis – referring ( no pun intended – get it, "refer") to cannabis as "Weed" is like calling a gay person a "fag

  3. 1. Doctors whom are for the Big Pharma rather then there care of people who use cannabis is not the way to get cannabis from these over regulated rules.
    2. You should not have to be placed on any list at all nor does the doctor have the right to tell you how much you can have what you can have or for how long you can have it it is one of personal choice and it is only the doctors job to recommend that you can use it not to micro manage the care that they feel would be better off done with Big Pharma!
    3. Know your rights there is no way you should ever give up your constitutional rights for there take it or leave it policy get involved to change these over regulated rules.
    4. Cultivation in Arkansas does not cost millions of dollars it can be done for under $500 -$1000 depending on the space and the mount allowed to grow the over regulated prices are not one you should agree too just to be apart of the medical program nether then should Arkansas tax the medicine that helps sick people get well these commissions do not show any compassion.

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