Fable Beard Co. CBD PRODUCT LINE #fullspectrum #cbd

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  1. Absolutely awesome in depth video. I appreciate you bro, excellent stuff right here. I recently got fables the grower, angler and witch doctor oil. Now I need some butter and conditioner in cbd!

  2. Swag thank you soo much for this review I just bought both the beard oil and the beard butter and I am wearing it at this moment I have to admit it's some of the best product I've ever had in my beard I would recommend this literally to anybody so thanks again man God bless stay safe 🧔🍎🍐🧺🔥🔥🌋

  3. Just received my orders today from Fable Beard Co. fist time trying them out, want to see the benefits of CBD for the beard. I got one each in beard oil of The Grower, The Hero and The Strategist. The two non-CBD were buy one get one free, and also received 25% off The Grower CBD oil so great deals from the company! All great scents, the Hero is one of the best cologne scents I’ve tried

  4. Hi Cribbs, i still gotta try Fables CBD line..i just picked up The Villager and The Candyman the 2 new fall scent from Fable and i love them. There sooo good! Talk soon-Pete

  5. Great video Mr Cribbs Sir. I love the Grower from Fable. I actually got it by accident and a mess up in shipping from Fable. I offered to return it to Colin and he refused. It speaks volumes to his character that he’d rather eat some cost then put a customer out. The butter is also great for aches and pains and sunburns. Cbd is a amazing resource. Keep up the great work! Raider Nation Baby!!

  6. Another great video. I love The Grower. I had The Grower for almost 2 month. Collin knocked it out of the park with the scent. Literally in my top 3 oils and butters for the way it leaves both the beard and the the skin under the beard feeling.

  7. I love the oils, have had Grower, Hero and Savior. The jury is still out on the butters. The feel in beard is good, but all of the butters have a dominant carrier butter scent that penetrates the fragrance oils in each that I just don’t like. I’m still using the butters, so haven’t given up on them quite yet. Great review Mr. Cribbs! Always so well done.

  8. I’m so glad people are putting out their reviews on this product. Everyone has amazing different experiences. MOST of which I want to claim but couldn’t because people wouldn’t have been ready for me to make those claims. These reviews are proof through use that CBD is truly amazing. Well done

  9. Fables CBD line is amazing for my beard. I have The Grower and The Angler. I even have a spare oil of The Grower in my fridge just in case. Yea its that good. I use The Grower butter in beard as well as on my sore elbow and shoulders.

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