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  1. Endometriosis it includes symptoms like heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain etc. It is very painful problem for femlaes."Planet Ayurveda" provides Endometriosis Care Pack which includes herbal remedies such as Female Health Support, Aloe Vitals, Pradrantak Churna, Shatavari Capsules, Boswellia Curcumin for ayurvedic treatment of Endometriosis it includes symptoms like heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain etc. If you have Endometriosis use “Endometriosis care pack” of "Planet Ayurveda".

  2. I relate alot. I'm 18, I'm bleeding very heavy every single day without a break. I feel like I'm going mental everyone is telling me my scans are clear but I know somthing is wrong. I can't even walk properly on a bad day. I'm having a lacroscapy in January but it's effecting my college life as they want to kick me off my course. I'm so worried about everything and it's making my anxiety so high! The Doctors keep saying it's a water infection when I know what a water infections is like and the symptoms don't all add up. 😤

  3. I think i have Endometriosis its horrible I'm due to get a a scan on the 30th of August I'm hoping the scan picks it up if not I'll be insisting on a laparoscopy to see what the hell is going on

  4. So im late but a month ago i was admitted to hospital with intense abdominal pain of my lower right side. this is obviously a telltale signal of appendicitis so that what they thought it was. I was in hospital for a few nights before i had a diagnostic laparoscopy and i was told that they would probably remove my appendix even if it wasnt obviously inflamed because sometimes they can be inflamed on the inside and not really show on the outside. Anyhow i went in for surgery and they were about to whip out my appendix then they noticed that my abdominal cavity was filling up w blood. this is from a thing called retrograde menstruation which is when you get your period the blood travels back up the tubes and into your abdominal cavity. its a major cause of endo and they reckon it had been happening for my last 4-5 periods but luckily they couldnt see any indication of endometriosis while they were in there. I have been told its likely that i will develop endo and basically am being treated for it. My tips would be to eat a dairy free and low red meat and card diet because this weirdly really helps with the severity of the pain! Hope youre doing ok!!!

  5. Great video. My best friend has endo. She made a video to. You and her are very brave to make your videos and help other women. Please check her video out and comment. You can find on you tube. Endo. My personal struggle. Lindsey peters

  6. I had early stage endometriosis and just having this video up really helped me. Thank you. I understand your pain. I had extreme cramps as well and I totally understand where your coming from. Thanks so much for posting.

  7. thank you for making this video, I relate to this so much. I've had random moments where I had that stabbing pain and I can't move. i feel like doctors think I'm exaggerating and they don't want to do a laparoscopy.

  8. I have a chronic bladder infection – however I've just started to get painful periods for the past two months, been in agony. They thought I had appendicitis a million times in a&e and doctors after a CT scan and bloods and the press test I didn't have appendicitis but they saw some fluid around my ovary – my left one ( getting pain on my right ovary area tho) they've booked me in for an internal ultrasound I've had endo discussed as one of the possibilities or a cyst.. so a bladder infection with period issues.. unlucky haha!
    Im sorry it took so long for you! The only reason they found fluid was due to a CT scan I demanded.. so it's been quick really.
    How did it all turn out?

  9. I watched your video. I have a friend in Brazil that has endometriosis. I was searching for many ways to controle this disease. I found an interesting clinic in Georgia that has resolved many patients' problems. The disease doesn't come back (80% cases) and they do their best you will be able to have babies. They use a "excision technique" not all endometriosis surgeons use this, I don't know Why. It is worth to search about it. I wish you the best.
    The video: https://youtu.be/81dpitSGKNA
    The website: http://www.centerforendo.com

  10. My gyno thinks I might have endo too but they stopped my period a few years ago and I can't get the laparoscopy unless I start it again which scares me to death 🙁 🙁 Even without my period the pain is still terrible. Thanks so much for telling your story though, I really appreciate it xx

  11. Fellow endo sufferer here!
    Make sure you push the gynaecologist to do a diagnostic laparoscopy, that will be the only way they can formally diagnose you.
    Thanks you for the video, it's nice to see people raising awareness about endo😀.
    Also well done for the symptom diary!
    I'm here if you need any advice xx

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