Educational Series (31 of 31): Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

This video education series is designed for our retail partners and their employees to learn about Joy Organics, our premium CBD products and the answers to …

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  1. Thank you for the amazing series!

    That's a great point on the 0%THC claim for broad-spectrum products. I was wondering if Isolates would also have the same issue? Or are they extracted differently and would actually have a true 0 THC amount?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. another question;
    -could you please do a video or tell me the legitimate benefits known to treat ailments? whether that's passed through the FDA or some other third party testing (correct me if im wrong please)
    thankyou so much !
    – if one were to sell cbd oil am i right that one cant claim that it actually heals ailments rather, you have to say what exactly? what do you tell your clients when someone asks what cbd oil is good for? I would love feedback on this as im highly confused thankyou so much again!

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