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EASY Instant Pot Mini Cheesecakes – Cheesecake 3 ways – Pot in Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Mini Cheesecakes will always be one of our favorite desserts. Because they are small, they only take a few minutes to cook- and they are SO EASY!

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  1. One of the reasons why your cheese cakes may not look the way that you would like, is that you need to mix in your eggs last. Do not mix long, just enough to incorporate them. This will keep your cheese cake from cracking.

  2. Hi I'm new and haven't received my instant pot yet but its supposed to be here before Christmas. I'm getting a 8 QT 9 in 1 and I'm ECSTATIC. I am supposed to make my mom a cheesecake for Christmas so I have done a ton of research. What I have learned is the key to smoothing it over is with a spatula and the biggest tip is set everything out earlier that day or put in a zip lock bag and submerge in hot water to soften evenly and fast. Hope it helps. I love your videos. Just found them today!

  3. I was doubtful of this recipe. I made it as per your directions this morning, but I halved the recipe to just make 3. I took them out of the fridge after supper and put some blackberry jam on 1 and left the other 2 plain, that's how my granddaughter likes them. These little cheesecakes were very tasty, much better than a lot of factory produced ones I normally eat. I was expecting the tops to crask as in your video, however the tops did not crack at all, all 3 kept there shape.
    Thanks for a great recipe for the instant pot. I will definately be making these again, and often.

  4. Thank you so much I've been trying your recipes and they all work like magic, could you please tell me how long can I cook this mini cheese cake in the cheese cake pan I just got it today and would love to make it asap thank you in advance

  5. Apparently it cracks from the heat rapidly fluctuating, maybe leave it in the IP until it fully cools. Regular cheesecake should be left in the oven 1 hour to cool with the door slightly ajar. BTW for the holidays you must try biscoff cookie crust with pumpkin cheesecake filling😍

  6. I have only had my IP a couple weeks and only used it twice so far but have watched tons of videos. I have seen folks use a rubber spatula to stir and add the eggs last after everything else was combined to avoid the breaking. I have also seen that many folks cover with foil while cooking in the IP.

  7. You did a great job with this recipe if you are worried about the top of your cheesecakes try adding foil to the ramekins I hear that helps keep the moisture out and prevents cracking it doesn't matter to me good food no matter what awesome job Kristen 🙂

  8. I use the recipe from twin cities adventures, just reduce the salt, and leave it to NR a bit longer, has been perfect every time. And it’s more delicious if you can refrigerate 24-48 hours with just tinfoil covering the top.

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