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My Air Fryer – Hello friends, my name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Today I am doing a cook with me video featuring my …

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  1. The thumb turned BLUE…like always! LOL I've had an air fryer for several years, and have used it TWICE. Now I'm gonna dust it off and try these recipes. YEAH!

  2. I love watching your videos, have always been a sale and discount shopper, learning the online stuff, slow, LOL. I am from Ontario, Canada, and your grocery prices, sales and markdowns are wayyyy better than ours. but I still keep a pantry, freezer and fridge rolling. Only the two of us now, but still try to eat healthy.

  3. I think this must be my fave video hence 3rd comment!! I’ve done the carrots, broccoli, and currently doing green beans. Thanks for sharing. The carrots and broccoli were a hit. I’m loving the Cosori and having a bigger air fryer is the best. Sweet potato fries are amazing too. My go to in my old air fryer.

  4. I got my air fryer for Mother's Day (I ordered it myself;) and made potatoes tonight – just for fun. Delicious. I've wanted one for a long time but have been nervous if it would be another appliance I wouldn't use. I still haven't become friends with my InstantPot but keep trying;) Thanks for showing me so clearly how to use it in a way that will be a hit for my family! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. We have a small Craft Distillery here Called Okanagan Craft Distillery and they have donated 33;000 bottles of Hand Sanitizer at a cost of $10 to them , they have a Superhero payback going right now for every bottle purchased they will donated 4 bottles , I got a lovely bottle of Gin . I am a healthcare worker and they are helping us so much .
    I would love to get your air fryer for moms day .

  6. Thanks for the video! I just got my air fryer for Mother’s Day/ birthday/ anniversary gift! (That’s what happens when they all land in the same month!) I am making carrots to go with our hot wings tonight! 😃

  7. So, this is basically a mini convection oven? I've been on the fence about getting one, but the house we bought had a convection oven and we used it all time time until Hurricane Michael. We are now remodeling, but staying in an apartment with a basic oven. AWFUL! It seems to take forever to do things, unlike the convection. ☹️

  8. Ok… are you watching my life?? I LITERALLY just borrowed my Air Fryer to try air fried veggies… and here you are doing a whole video on it… ummm… yeah… creepy. LOL!!!

  9. I desperately needed this video. Thank you. I honestly was not having success with other things I tried. Oddly hadn't tried veggies yet (except hash browns), and I was nervous to. What's the right temp? How long? I know I can google, but I depend on you and Jen to help me out. lol

  10. Yay, the air fryer veggie "recipe". My husband heard you say hair dryer so he asked what I was watching. Now he's going to let us do air fryer veggies – yes! Totally agree about a running list. Mine is on my Echo so I never forget to bring it with me (Alexa app on my phone keeps the list up to date). My fridge list is a white board with leftovers with dates written next to them – great way to make sure I have less to throw away.

  11. My new fav video! I use my air fryer all the time but never thought of putting cabbage, green beans or many other veggies in there!! Aarugh! Also, I love those gloves, what a great idea, I hate touching oily veggies! I can't find them on line anywhere atm, hopefully soon 🙁

  12. It is my understanding that has Teflon. It is well documented that Teflon is a major source of many cancers. Did I read it wrong from my research and it has no Teflon?

  13. I've found, after using kosher salt for a while, I have a better handle on how much I'm using. It's easy to over salt when it's coming out of a shaker.

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