Rosin Extractions

Dry-Ice Trichome Extraction For Rosin Pressing

I like to think of the Magic Mike’s meds Garden as a minimal waste operation. Using Dry-Ice, I extract the trichomes from trim as well as any smaller buds or โ€œlarfโ€ …

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  1. Brother why does your dirty trim run look cleaner than your nug run. Can i answer that its cause you are shacking it to goddamn hard. Your just suppose to adjitate it shacke it very lightly just a nice soft movement all you want is the ice to freeze your flowers and get the trichs hard your shacking in alot of plant matter that gets broken down into that fine green powder thats why your shits looking all green and that trim your sifting is booboo bro fan leaves and stems dont mix that with your green nug run but it dont. Matter youve got it down almost but try running smaller batches try changing to a finer micron mesh bag and treat it like a baby dont shake the baby to sleep just gently rock it to sleep light soft movements your shacking all kinds of green into it it would look nice and tan color maybe on the gold side if you do it right re think your steps i wouldnt sift it into a bucket do it in a clear large tote trust me my friend its a huge differrence

  2. 40g? Omfg thatโ€™s enough fuel to Pluto n back to space! Not earth dho! Hopefully Paul will pick me up along the way. He should be family! ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. It was like a shatter because your trim was overly dry. Your taste, quality & quantity will increase processing rosin at a hydration rate in the mid 60's. You're always much better off processing all of your material when it's fresh & properly cure it before storing until use. Saving unprocessed plant material only degrades while inviting mold, pests & problems.

  4. Your breaking down the plant matter to be small enough to pass through the mesh. Freeze it then tumble it. Don't mix it about with the lumps of ice in there.

  5. Hey my 420 Friends! I have a important question! I am collecting my cannabis sticks (where the weed is grwoing on) into a bag and let it chill in the freezer! I am doing it about 1 year now and there is some nice green powder inside the bag, but I dont know what can I do with it!? Just put the raw powder in a joint or "heat" it up? I really dont know how to use it! Please help me! ๐ŸคŸ

  6. "trim from my last couple harvests"

    What did you grow a half of a plant each time?

    also i thought rosin from hash is supposed to be lighter inc olor? what did you press it at?

  7. Dude itโ€™s fucking illegal in mass we couldnโ€™t grow so I donโ€™t know why your talking about that we literally just got it legalized

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