Dr. Jim Holland: What is the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

Dr. Jim Holland explains the differences between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil. He offers advice on what to look for when purchasing the oils and how to avoid being …

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  1. Hi, what cbd oil do you recommend. Thank you. Also, I was going to buy hemp oil and I saw the composition in it and it had just as much cbd in it like my friend's cbd oil she bought, can you explain this to me?

  2. Hey I have a question I am looking for a good CBD oil. My doc gave me permission to take for my aniexty. I cant find what I want and really dont have a clue where to start and what is a good trusted brand. . I am tired talking meds for this can u help and guide me doc. I bought a vapor oil from a company but to be honest dont know about it.

  3. Hi, I am 47 suffering from ADHD and OCD. I want to try CBD product. Please recommend me any suitable and where to get it. There are so many products in the market but I don't know which one is suitable for me. I would be very grateful for your answer. Many thanks.

  4. Dr Holland thank you for your advice! I am very concerned about the following issue. Marihuana / Cannabis is used as a drug because it affects the mood. Side effects are depression, anxiety, memory loss, paranoia. Marihuana comes from hemp. If you extract oil from this plant which people use for its mind altering effects….well by using this particular oil wouldn't you get similar effects to those of using pot / dope? I would very much appreciate your answer!

  5. how come its called hempworx, isnt that making it confusing if im looking for cbd oil? So the hemp oil you have isnt from hemp plants with hardly any cbd or?? and do you deliver to canada?

  6. Hi!doc.i just watch your video. I want to buy good CBD Oil
    I like taken a natural medicine. I'm also a hospice nurse. Can you help me get good brand of CBD Oil. Also I know Canada sale a good CBD Oil too but I don't know what can I can order. Pls.i need your advice. Thank you so much.

  7. Hello Dr. Jim Holland, my CBD oil was send to me by my daughter from UK & she order Them from Amazon. Almost my 3 small bottles were Taken by me for a month now but still the same pain I suffer. Please advice me as I Will travel to USA this coming June 2019. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. So this is an advertisement, disguised as information. He tells us that we should be weary about what we buy, and that his is the best, and we should give him, our money. His may be good, but he's nothing more than a snake oil salesman.

  9. Dr. Jim….interesting video. Thanks ! Your right. When CBD oil is searched on amazon, it brings up only products with hemp oil.
    I recently bought some hemp gummies on amazon with great reviews for pain relief for what they're worth and was just wondering something. If CBD oil products are legal, then why doesn't amazon freely offer products with it ? A company as big as amazon would surely want to profit from the sale of CBD oil products. So, why does amazon NOT offer CBD gummies, etc….
    It makes ya' wonder !
    -peace Dr. Holland

  10. Hi, I've been trying to find some CBD oil, but every where I look, HEMP pops up, I have problems with sleeping and a seizure disorder, I haven't tried anything yet, but i'm just trying to find where to go to get what I want and need, would like to have it in vaping form. Thanks for any help you can provide, James Lee

  11. biggest problem is mislabeling, i was told that companies are using term hemp oil in place of cbd oil. this is making buying cbd oil really hard since there is no guarantee whether its cbd or hemp

  12. I was a pithead for years. It made me lazy and I just used it to get high after a while. I switched to hemp flower and its a miricle drug. It helps my back pain and anxiety without getting you high, it really is special.

  13. Aimee… thank you for reaching out.. I recommend the Hempworx brand… if you would like to order from me I believe I have a link in my channel description… just the disclaimer we don’t claim to treat or cure any specific disease with Cbd Oil… I just recently did a Facebook Live about PTSD should be loaded on here soon!!

  14. I hope to see your channel grow! what cbd oil brand? Also what is your opinion alternative medicines for ptsd. And do you know of any medications coming out in the near future that are specifically mad for ptsd ? Thanks for any information you my have.

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