Dora: Overcoming Breast Cancer Stage 2 with Cannabis Oil.

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Follow a healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis as it is good for the mind and body and take your daily dose of cannabis oil. A drop a day keeps cancer at bay!

Name: Dora

Please tell us about yourself. Give us some background about who you are.

Hi there, I am 46 years old. I live in Port Elizabeth and run a company call Mega Plastics. I haven’t always lived a healthy lifestyle until I got breast cancer 4 years ago.

What medical condition(s) have you been struggling with?
Stage 2B breast cancer which I had 4 years ago, received 6 sessions of chemo and 30 sessions of radiation. I also had a lumpectomy(lump removed). I also suffered from and under active thyroid as well as I was anemic.

Please explain to us about your struggle with these conditions.

I started taking medical cannabis about 3 years ago. After I had the treatment for the cancer,  I suffered from a lot of body aches, chemo brain to the extent I really thought the cancer had spread to my brain. I was so paranoid. I started using the medical cannabis that is high in THC and then 2 years later came across Bobby Greenhash foundation and started using his CBD oil.  After a year on the oil as well as a healthy diet and exercise I feel great. I don’t have aching muscles or that weird feeling in my head anymore. I was also prescribed Tamoxifen which is due to the cancer being estrogen positive and I am suppose to be on it for  5 years. I recently stopped taking it as I believe it is causing more harm than good.

I also had an under active thyroid which my oncologist prescribed Eltroxin at the time. I decided to stop the Eltroxin about 8 months ago and have had regular blood tests since then and my thyroid is functioning normal without medication. I am sure it is due to the oil I am using.

What do you believe caused this medical condition?

I do have cancer in my family, but I do believe it has to do with everything that has been genetically modified. Sugar also does feed cancer. I also did not really exercise or follow a healthy diet. I do now juice vegetable everyday and have limited my sugar intake.

What type of medications have you been taking that were prescribed to you by your doctor?
Tamoxifen and Eltroxin

What side effects did you experience from the medication prescribed by your doctor?

Weight gain, sore muscles, slight dizziness.

What type of alternative medicine have you tried aside from your doctor’s recommendation? When did you start?

I started using Medical Cannabis oil 3 years ago

How have you felt since you started using the alternative medicine compared to that of your prescribed medications?
I feel great and I feel that I have my life back. I have only recently stopped the tamoxifen and already feel better but I do believe it will take about 3 months to work out my system.

Will you continue using alternative medicine to treat your conditions?
I will never stop using it. I don’t even fear getting cancer again.

What do you wish others to know about using cannabis as alternative medicine?
I wish everyone would just take control of their lives and do your research before just excepting what doctors say. I believe it’s the chemo and radiation at the end of the day that kills you, not the cancer.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Follow a healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis as it is good for the mind and body and take your daily dose of cannabis oil. A drop a day keeps cancer at bay!

Can others users contact you via email?

Yes, I am happy to help where I can.


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