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Do Hydroponic Cannabis Plants Need an Air Pump? Aeration vs No Aeration

In this video I explore using an air pump in my hydroponic reservoir to see if bubbles and aeration improve my plant growth. I grow one cannabis plant with an air …

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  1. You started the experiment wrong by comparing a plant that has its main root broken with a normal plant. Garbage in Garbage out. Failed experiment.

  2. Hey man, good job for all the hard work and everything but.. when you're not using equally sized plants with differences in size and grow history it's a problem to make conclusions..
    For a real experiment where you check only one variable, you need all the other variables to be identical as possible

  3. Algae requires light to grow. The buckets you chose are white and have light entering them. I would recommend a very very dark color bucket. Ideally black and that should help with the algae problem.

  4. Black buckets as already mentioned. Also the hole for the air line was way too big. Hole should be drilled just big enough for the tubing to pass through, then attach the air stone on the other side. Or plug the big hole with something. Also, food grade plastic if at all possible. Food grade buckets cost a little more, but their surfaces are so smooth that algae and bacteria have a hard time latching onto them. Regular commercial paint buckets have big pores in their surfaces that microorganisms settle into and multiply. HTH.

    Edit: forgot to say – you can drill the small hole for the air line in the side of the bucket, just below the lip, instead of the bucket lid. Make sure to leave enough space that the air tube sits below the lid. Easier to take the lid on and off if the tubing isn't attached to it, especially when the plant gets big.

  5. Have you researched the effect of temperature on dissolved oxygen levels in your nutrient solution? Very important to learn so you avoid root disease. And get a bigger airpump, that tiny thing won't be adding much benefit at all. Seriously you want to aerate the living shit out of it. Hydrogen peroxide is an alternative way to add oxygen and prevent root disease too

  6. Disappointing comparison.. the root issue make the whole video sort of dubious, unfortunately. Love you, man, though! Thanks for the videos! I'm trying Kratky (no aeration) right now!

  7. You need air O2 to keep the roots healthy. they will rot as they grow.  Algae from sun exposure of course. most already mentioned this.  short story – No air, no good plants.

  8. The algae hurt’s nothing except the eye.
    For roots that long lower the water level like at least another 6” inches exposes more oxygen and the air stone definitely makes a difference, you don’t need a tsunami just a few bubbles works. Good show, thanks.

  9. Light leak and possibly temps is your issue. You need black buckets and black lids. You can get net pots that are perfectly sized for a 5gal bucket and will be your lid as well as your net pot. I suggest getting the 4 or 6 inch net pots because light can still leak through your hydroten. Putting something around your stem to block the light from entering the hydroten is extra insurance. You can paint white buckets but make sure to scuff the outside with sandpaper to make sure the paint sticks. You will also need to get black tubing for your air pump because the clear air tubing gives a fiber optic effect and will give you a light leak. Try to drill a small hole for your air tubing to go through to minimize potential light leak through that hole. The hole that you cut in your bucket is just feeding the algae as there is nothing stopping the light to enter your water. the bigger your air pump and air stone, the better. The pump and air stone you have probably doesnt push out a whole lot of bubbles. DWC loves aerated water, and the more air you can push into that water, the more your roots will thank you. That small pump and air stone would be great for a very small fish tank, not for ~4 gal of water. Not saying yours WONT work, but it may not be producing the amount of aeration to your water that your plant may want to thrive on. Also a big mistake I made when starting out with my DWC was that my water levels were too high. Maybe take a bit of your water out to promote the roots to reach for the water. the bubbles from the air stone will splash the roots with aerated water which is what they love.

  10. The air pump adds warm air to the roots.
    The rockwools natural capillary action allows a better quality oxygen being it's cooler than the pump air.
    I ran into heat problems in my reservoir while running a large air pump for too long.
    Water temp has a lot to do with oxygen absorbing ability. If the water temp. is above 75°F I wouldn't worry about using an air pump to oxygenate the water. Id turn it off all together. Cooler water holds more oxygen by a large margin. Pumping air into a warm reservoir will only raise the temperature and which take away oxygen along with promoting algae and other pathogens.

  11. The green algae is from light getting into the water. Use a small hole for letting the air stone in or use a grommet to plug the hole and block light

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