Delta 8 Thc from (Dr Ganja) review by cbd smoke doctor

delta8thc #drganja It this review i will cover the 3chi delta8 thc cart from Dr ganja This cart has a very natural taste, thats very comforting on the throat. Topped of …

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  1. I tried delta 8 for first time like 5 days ago and I was TRIPPING literally bugging wanted to call 911 like it was bad i got 850mg from HARBOR CITY HEMP and I thought i was being poisoned but the people who sent poison to the white house it was craaazy its been 5 days and im finally starting to feel normal … i too like 6 or 7 full drops maybe 8 idr but I was F^^^^CKED UP BRO

    I wanna know if anyone else had this kind of experience

  2. I get my THC Delta 8 cartridges from budking777. Com be 33 bucks deliver to the door the stuff is wonderful I can't tell you enough about this thank God that they came out with this stuff

  3. Once again great video you hit the nail on The head about the paranoia and anxiety of smoking Delta 9 THC That is why I like to smoke Delta 8 thc And mix it with my flower also dope shirt.

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