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DABBING Intro + RAW GARDEN Live Resin Sauce Review

Great educational video for dabbers of all experience levels– ideal for the beginner but advanced dabbers will also benefit from Chamna’s extensive knowledge …

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  1. You a big smoker big hits, these people just hating bc they can’t have 7 raw gardens at once lmaooo but good shit brotha smoking on purple wookies #10 live sauce from raw garden from stiiizy in DTLA. kinda sad I found this late but hey smoking up with ya

  2. Raw gardens is okay. Haven't had any of their shit that wowed me. Rather dab on some Moxie, 710 Labs or Humbolts Finest. Their shit is usually always fuego.

  3. Super bad info here.. 700 way too hot, and if its not pooling, you are def burning off terps. Why are you spending money on good terps to burn them off?

  4. Terpenes are found in everything in nature its the abundant componds found in many many different fruits 🍉 and vegetables. Like Mangos have natural Myrcene found in it. So naturally people feel tired 😴 because of that terpene myrcene found in the Mango.

  5. You’re probably finding “MORE CRYSTALS” in the SATIVA Dominant strains because SATIVAS have CONSIDERABLY MORE TERPENES in them should mean more crystals should appear…..

  6. An eighth of flower presses down to a gram of wax, so you are smoking the same amount and spending the same amount. An eighth cost around 40-60$ so does a gram of wax so you are wrong.

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