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Cowboy Stew ~ One Pot Campervan Recipes

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Hey friends, thanks for stopping by! Today’s recipe is for this cracking Cowboy Stew. It’s brilliant if cooked on your …

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  1. We do this but minus the chopped tomatoes and extra beans and plus bbq sauce, sweetcorn and any veg we have on hand. Cook a bit of rice with it! Great with cheese on too. Really good for using up any leftovers! All you need are a couple of sausages and a tin of baked beans to feed two people!

  2. Where I’m from we call this beans and franks or beanie weenie……they actually sell it at the store under those names pre made in a can or tin as you say……but I bet your version is much more delicious πŸ˜‹

  3. Just my 2 pennies worth… put ALL the sausages in, they get smaller as they cook or you could chop them all up first, by the looks of it you have plenty of room left in that pot!, or add Half the baked beans instead?
    Just a thought! Great vid as well…. Thanks…

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