Coronavirus Update 59: Dr. Roger Seheult's Daily Regimen (Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC)

COVID-19 Update 59 with Roger Seheult, MD of We recorded this video in response to your comments asking what Dr. Seheult’s …

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  1. Just discovered this channel after watching your podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. This is incredible info, and so early on in the pandemic as well! I'm just now finding it over a year later, and it's still as useful and relevant as ever. Thank you for everything you're doing, Doc!

  2. Is the full name for Nac, n acetyl cysteine? When I search for 'Nac' or n 'acetyl cysteine', nothing shows up on amazon, except milk thistle, so maybe I don't have the correct name?

  3. I take zinc and vit d daily — and IF i choose to get the vaccine, will these aspects working together be beneficial for my immune system?
    thank you for your response 🙏🏻

  4. I see you have medcram ARABIC. can this be translated? I have loved ones that are sick. An arabic translation (and for that matter a translation of this into other major languages) would help a lotof ppl💕

  5. Came back for the contrast shower times because it helped me soo much when I had COVID last year. Reading frequently lately about lung exercises and things like a contrast showers being used to help extend lung capacity to fight exercise intolerance for long haulers – so it will be put to use again, thanks!

  6. Working through a covid 19 outbreak at a LTc at the moment and using your prophylactic measures (on top of my one shot of the Pfizer). Hope not to get infected at all because I live with people who don’t have a vaccine yet.

  7. What is the difference of Vit D2 (ergocal) 50,000u and Vit D3 ( cholecalcifer) 50,000u. I take Vit D3 once a week for my osteoporosis. How much must I take to prevent being infected with COViD19.

  8. Did you Dr. Schuelter get the vaccine? If so, which one? Did you have any adverse reactions? Did you receive both doses ? What is your opinion about mRNA experimental treatment? Do you advocate mandating covid vaccinations?

  9. Great news! My super, extreme, crazy immunity condition is now being taken seriously by the NIH and now they have agreed to study my condition! I am hoping to try to change the strength of these vaccines with my crazy mutations of cells!

  10. Hi doctor am happy sharing what you're doing going to work and back. I forwarded your video to my kids. One is a nurse in NZ who has to see her patients daily. 2 kids in the Phil are working at home, the other one is on field work of a pharmaceutical firm. Thanks Doctor/professor for the very simple clear presentation..

  11. Thanks a lot sir, For sharing your routine with us. It definitely gives us idea about how to isolate your self from very very small aerosol of Covid-19.
    It's very informative.

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