Chem Dog cbd hemp flower from Hempville cbd

This is my review of The Strain called chemdawg. This comes from a company called HempVille CBD. Nothing is for sale here. I do not sell these products I only …

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  1. 👽 Yoo this the shit to watch while smoking some fyee 👽🔥feels like we both reviewing the shizz no 🧢 thanks for the reviews been looking into smoking some Hemp and thinking about ordering some this weekend but i really wanna try some cbd moon rocks and would love to know which would you recommend

  2. Does it make you feel kinda high/light headed, loose feeling? Like that feeling you get when you hit a real blunt a couple times and you get that energetic feeling but not high lol ? If so, which strain you suggest I get that I would get the most out of ?

  3. man taz i just got in my cbd today from dr ganja and they have some really good flower that you should check out i had some frosted kush and man its stanky and sticky and man im high like head high like feeling super good and it got that good grab it got that e sauce grab. and the other one is mongo which got me like high high like i was smoking on some real good good. man check out both of these you will not be disappointed,

  4. I too ordered Taz's gift; giving sour space candy another try (especially since it'll be from a different company).

    Also, have you tried Golden Cherry from tryplainjane(.)com? Please check it out and keep them vids coming.

    P.s.: 🤣 @17:55

  5. Bro thanks so much for the hookup on that bogo code for monrow farms last night. I got a 1/2 oz if tazs gift and used the code to get a free 8th of magna! Cant wait mane!

  6. I order seeds like that I’ll buy one strain but go back to same breeder to see if the one grow was a fluke or if they are good breeders cheers man I’m smoking some pineapple muffin from humboldt seed company right now 🥂💨

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