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CBD is great for sleep, but will it make you tired during the day?

Many people want to know, will CBD make me sleepy? After all one of the benefits everybody plugs is helping with sleep. But what will happen if I take CBD …

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  1. I just started taking CBD oil for anxiety. It is helping with my anxiety, but it's also making me feel drowsy. Am I taking too much? The bottle im taking is 750mg and took 1.0ML in the morning and about 4 doses of 0.25ML throughout the day. I had a good sleep, but feel very drowsy.

  2. just took my first dose of CBD (2 hours ago) and I am extremely sleepy and uncomfortable. the store owner recommended I take 0.75mg in a tincture (i weigh 190 pounds) for my first try. very tired right now and depressed, feels like i took a sleeping pill, i wish the outcome was more positive

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