CBD INFUSED WINE – Is this infused wine a gimmick or the real deal??

In this video, I review Winabis. For more from them visit This CBD infused wine is a combination of wine with CBD aroma and is …

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  1. I'm starting my own NON Acholic cbd red wine it has great health benefits for everyone but I want to give people who are struggling with mental health issues an healthy alternative to drugs and alcohol

  2. Most likely for consistency they used a CBD distillate, which has no smell. Plus the amount of CBD they use is most likely so little, you wouldn't actually be able to feel it's effects. Doesn't seem proper to call that a cannabis wine.

  3. That awful green color is certainly food coloring, chlorophyll does not make it through modern extraction processes- im curious about the potential for different cannabis terpenes to mingle with those in wine. Great care is taken in breeding distinctive flavor profiles in cannabis- those terpenes are analyzed in laboratories (machine olfaction). A huge variety of different flavors can be achieved… Please continue testing these wines!

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