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Cannabis Steam Distillation 2020 (Quick Guide – Essential Oils – Trim)

A quick DIY tutorial on how to extract the essential oils from Cannabis using steam distillation. I am aware of the condenser inlet/outlet placement and will be …

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  1. I have been extracting essential oils from many different plants, including rosemary, cotton lavender, winter thyme, eternal flower, all collected from nature, and I was interested in extracting from cannabis. My question to you Alex is how is the fragrance of these two cannabis strains. Are they nice? Have they any sensory effects? That is very interesting to know. Not only that, the therapeutic experience is also significant. Before extracting my own oils, I was not much convinced about aromatherapy, but if you do it yourself, you will notice how powerful essential oils are when extracted fresh. Another important point is to extract flowers, not only leaves. The difference is huge! Except rosemary were I used newly grown leaves, in the rest of the species I used mostly flower plant tissue. I published some info in my page in Facebook in case you are interested at Seedcraft S.L. (not that I am interested in publicity :), just sharing).

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