Endocannabinoid System

Calculating Dosage for Edibles || How Much THC

Using edibles is a great way to balance the endocannabinoid system and heal the body. By making your own, you are easily able to control what works best for …

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  1. OK I had a life-threatening accident in 2010 almost 10 yrs now and I have been on opioids all these years . for the last year I have been using pot to help in-between 2 help w the pain but I will be in the process soon of weaning off the opioids and just going 2 pot. This vid is great because since the accident math has been a problem so this vid is enormously helpful I subscribed and liked it. I also want you 2 know that U have very strong teaching ability and u r very easy to understand. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this and YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. ALSO, I just wanted 2 say YOU are VERY PRETTY.

  2. I had spine surgery rather than opiates I was prescribed i just grabbed the trim off a friends grow, about 5 ounces used into 2 lbs of butter, 12hr crockpot on low. I mainly use 1 cup butter recipes, i just cut my brownies into 10 pieces because fat, eat 1 then meet The Grey Aliens. Helps alot with the nerve pains when the minds chilling out at mars. Cheers for the help with dosage, for next time. Lol

  3. This was really well edited, and you simplified the calculations enough for most people to grasp (we hope) lol. The sound and lighting was really well done, and you are obviously a very attractive woman. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to more videos from you! I think you could potentially get pretty big if you’re diligent with providing consistent content. Happy baking!

  4. This is soooooo inaccurate. Do not listen to this woman. If you are making edibles yourself, you need at least a half ounce to 20 grams to make 1.5 sticks of cannabutter. Most recipes call for a whole stick of butter. If you do it this way, and divide your edibles up into 12, and only take a few bites, thats all you need. If you do it her way, you'll literally eat the entire pan of edibles and feel nothing. Don't waste your time unless you are going balls to the wall. You want yo feel your edibles right?

  5. 1000 mg is NOT in a gram of flower, if you had 100% pure concentrate a gram would be equivalent to 1000mg half gram roughly 500 and so on thats when its pure TCHA, a gram of live resin is probably clocking in at like 80 something % meaning a gram would be 800+mg, a gram of flower is nowhere close

  6. This was so helpful! One reason I did not go forward with making edibles is because of dosage.. I didn't know how to calculate it but this explained in such a simplified manner! Thank you so much!

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