Budget Prepper Pantry Haul from Dollar Tree ~ Stock Up

Budget Prepper Pantry Haul from Dollar Tree ~ Stock Up #Budget #PrepperPantry #DollarTree Shopping through our Amazon link, helps me be able to continue …

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  1. Yes I've got 500 cans of chicken and 200 boxes of crackers as a filler food and 100 gallons of water = years supply for me..and I have plenty of ammo to either blow my brains out or someone else's, depends on how bad the crap hits the fan… SUGAR is bad for arthritis, no thanks, don't forget ass wipes! Rice has to much arsenic because most comes from overseas at dollar tree stores, let them soak overnight and strain out the water the following day, but it's a waste of water, if something really really bad happens and nothing good comes out of the faucets… generic brands of Tylenol… put beware because if you get less than 50 for a buck it's not a good deal, Wal-Mart has a 1000 for 5 bucks..
    I don't have any pets so no problem with cat food.

  2. I especially like to buy Gossner whole milk at my dollar tree since we don't use much milk but still need to have for cooking. Great value compared to other UHT products.

  3. Have you done a pantry video recently? Somehow I imagine that the door behind you opens to a huge warehouse of prepping goods LOL!! Your ankle support reminded me I need to make sure we still have crutches. TY

  4. I had never been to the Dollar Tree until 2 days ago, I found such great stuff, supersized Campbells soup, organic sugar, and other things I was able to use to continue to build my pantry into a comfortable level. Getting there, thanks to you. Slow and steady wins the race.

  5. I have a serious stock of their salt-free seasoning. Their pasta is a good buy at 1 1/4 lbs for $1. It used to be 1 1/2 lbs but those were the good old days. I use their cane sugar in kombucha, works great. 100 tea bags for a $1, such a bargain.

  6. Just a head's up. Not sure what is going on at some dollar tree's. My sister called me and boy was she mad. She went to Dollar Tree to stock up on some things. When she got ready to check out the price was to high. She questioned them and they said that some of the things she got was from the $5.00 aisle. She told them that she had never heard of such a thing that all their banners said everything was $1.00. They told her that some things are $5.00. She even talked with the manager who stood behind the $5.00 charge. She went to another Dollar Tree and the items that were $5.00 were a $1.00 there. This could be a one off store but check your receipt before you walk out of the store just in case.

  7. Gossners brand shelf stable milk from Dollar Tree! My husband is a milk drinker and he said it was very good!! I refrigerated it for him to try. He couldn’t tell a difference. Nice to have some in the pantry for backup 👍🏻

  8. OMG! Just about a week ago I visited the Dollar Tree here in Rhode Island & stocked up on a bunch more food items, including 4 of those beautiful 1lb bags of the same popcorn kernels. Like you, I'm a lifelong lover of popcorn & figured with the increased prices of most things, it would be wise to sock away a few more extras.

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