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Booze Vs. Weed • Debatable

“All my best, most fun memories were when I was drunk.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Arise …

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  1. Alcohol turns me into a different human, I get all depressed and crying and stuff. Weed makes my life better. Just smoke a blunt/bowl/bong, chill to some music, sit outside on a nice day and just enjoy life. No one dies from smoking weed. Alcohol is a poison. I mean you do you y’all. Weed is better. In my opinion.

  2. Somebody said my name is Kelsey, and im an alcoholic. Then someone said 2 grams would smoke you and your friends out for two weeks. You’re never allowed in California. The red lipstick girl can smoke, she has some common sense. Everyone else the🚪

  3. Okay. Pro marijuana here. One is medicine the other is a toxin. One helps you discover things, the other helps you trip over things. Sorry but marijuana would always win this battle… I don't even have to bring up the statistics in how many deaths of drunk driving.

  4. Why is this even debated? Everyone likes different things. It's like arguing with someone who doesn't like a type of food. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

  5. 2 grams for 25$ man ur getting scammed🤣🤣. Also u can’t call urself a stoner of 2 grams last u a week, I go through 3 a day on a slow day

  6. alcohol is disgusting, sweaty, evil, violent, annoying, dangerous, lame, loud and poisonous/ weed is 100% safe no hangover exept feeling bored and dry atleast if you have nothing to do not that big of a deal and its a clean high you can just pick the weed from the plant its a natural plant that could save lives and trees you can produce clothtes, houses, cars and even milk with hemp and the high is calm more interesting and weird and feels like your body and mind is loosening up tho it can make you paranoid or scared if you are too high and you become lazy if you dont take responsibility

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