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Attraction (Why You Are Attracted To The People You're Attracted To)

Attraction is arguably one of the greatest elements of unconscious human behavior, even amongst the most conscious people. It is like a two-sided coin. On one …

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  1. Are you kidding me? The truth is that if we believe Teal Sawn is the answer to all of our questions or the giver of questions we create issues so we think need her which is dangerous. 1+1= 2 and 1+ -1 is not 2 basic math, and the way tje brain works is that we know what's coming like the next second just think about that.

  2. And how the hell do you know all this stuff? Did you literally experience it or just read it somewhere? Just curious… In my experience, for someone to understand things THIS well would most likely have endured learning it the hard way to get both sides of the experience and FULLY understand it.

  3. I really want wreckless and crazy people in my life. They cannot be controlled or told what to do. They accept curiousity as a very important element to human growth

    I am in love with those kinds of people, not necessarily attracted. It feels more like a choice.

  4. So does not being attracted to anyone mean that you’re whole and healed and stopped repressing any part of yourself?

    After 15 years with a narcissistically abusive partner, now that I’m single I honestly have no interest in any man. I just don’t want one. I don’t feel treated or drawn to or interested in anyone. I’m genuinely happy with myself

    He was the “fierce and independent” one. Confident, popular, charming.

    He was drawn to my sweetness and innocence, but eventually he punished me for it with frustration and impatience.

    And after years of pain, I became jaded and hard.

    Now I’m alone and now I’m the fierce and independent one

    I might end up rejecting a nice guy one day. I’m going to try to stay conscious of this.

    I couldn’t do anything to make my ex see how much he hurt me by actually repressing the innocence in himself.

  5. The substance of this video is very well thought out and linguistically excavated.

    The performance is flawless. This, ironically, is a flaw. You've rehearsed your performance to the point that your humanness is a bit obscured.

    Still, though. Great content.

  6. So much to take in and mull over here, thank you!
    I am a little confused with one thing mentioned; Teal says that we must love the aspects of the person that reflect the same parts of us that we have rejected, disowned etc, but we also mustn't be in a relationship with this same person BECAUSE they trigger those aspects within us. Which is it? Or have I misunderstood it?
    Thank you! X

  7. This exact sort of work is how I transitioned from polyamory to monogamy. A conscious choice – but with the tools to recognize what was making me desire outside of my primary relationship – and how to embody those traits myself. No one way is wrong – and it is feels the most powerful to be able to know I will succeed no matter what I choose with this knowingness. I would love to laugh together one day about all this! ✨🙌🏼

  8. Question, Ok so as per Teals example with the tiles. What happens when you are attracted to someone who is mirroring those aspects that were suppressed, denied, and disowned and you stay loving those things about the person, so much that you feel like you need that person to be whole but then that person is not good for your well-being and you lose that person from your life completely.. Like having everything you needed to integrate, finally safe, and be happy is suddenly gone. Then you're left feeling abandoned and retraumatized.. What then?

  9. The big pb i have is i dont even know why im attracted to him. That happened fast as soon as i met him in an wink. I have poor clues about what was going on in my subconscious mind. Maybe it was a physical one buy I'm not sure cause i was overwhelmed by the traits And personality i found in this person. I dont know! But I'm sur very stuck on it… put them on mute is a good deal though

  10. 22:08 "We have been conditioned to believe that if we are a genuinely good person, we should be able to have a 'feel good' relationship with anyone and everyone regardless of what role they are playing in our lives. But this is completely false. Incompatibility is the condition of two things being so different in nature and so uncomplimentary in that difference, that they are incapable of coexisting harmoniously."
    You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.

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