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Analyzing the Heroin Epidemic in Denmark and Sweden | VICE Reaction

VICE recently did a short documentary on the heroin epidemic in Denmark and Sweden. Many heroin addicts from Sweden are moving to Denmark for safe …

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  1. Hope you and kitty are fine Chris, nice topic congrats !!!
    Sweden is the most advanced country in EUrope , maternity leave, dr steiner education, working Hours …..south europe has very poor psicological Addict support I am speaking about Italy
    Excellent job as always
    Keep it up Chris !!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🐈

  2. America consumed 85 percent of the world wide supply of opiates! The rest of the world distributed the remaining 15 percent.
    You flood the country with a shit load of opiates and 70 thousand Americans die every year
    NZ where I'm from we make heroin out of morphine pills turning it with baking soda citric acid and AA we have a meth problem as it's really hard to get morphine .. like SUPER hard
    We have needle exchanges where you get free needles
    And we have free treatment for Hep C and most pharmacies distributes methadone
    We have gold standard FREE treatment and rehabilitation services
    people are sad all around the world …..we have a very high teen male suicide rate

    Thanks again for your videos on juice wrld

  3. Hi I'm from Sweden!
    I'm not educated in the topic. But watch lots of documentaries from investigative journalists.
    And from a YouTuber named Carl Fredrik Alexander Rask. If there is possible to watch his playlists called ”Missbruksbloggen” which English subtitles (he speech inSwedish) do it.

    The sad part of some of these treatment facilities in Sweden are that drugs gets into the patients. And some of them have died because of it. Or even become addicted again because of the inflow of drugs that comes in.
    And some times it hard to get help and to come to a treatment facility. They send you back and forth to shift the responsibilities on someone else. And because of that people dies.
    I love our medical system, both healthcare and medication. But it has its flaws.

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