Amber VS Milky Trichomes – The Why and When to Harvest

For us, maintaining fluidity, openness, and a circumstantial approach to each plant is key. Here we talk about the amber vs milky trichome conversation. When …

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  1. Thanks Weed School! I had a friend who showed me that being a trimmagrant takes grit…and a lot of 91% plus isopropyl alcohol. And they run the serious risk of having the aroma everyone loves becoming a smell that will (at some point) fill up your nose so completely that it will make you sick. Oh, and being a farmer will break your heart. Not if but when… 💔 Respect!

  2. Weed Schooling i appreciate everything you are doing to show all of us iam a very new newbie please keep 🙏 up all of your great work you are doing I know that the people following you appreciate you as well thank you kindly 🙏 from 🇨🇦 #YSW Domenico Monteleone I hope you are making new videos for 2021 and further videos

  3. Great video/ videos. I've been watching a few and I like how I can understand everything your saying and apply it to my garden. Keep up the great work and making more videos for new followers like me.

  4. What a pleasure to see a natural video with no fancy sound effects etc, so not necessary, all I need is the info, which you have successfully conveyed!
    I would also like to say how rare proper outdoor grow info is! South Africa means outdoor growing & it's amazing how difficult it is to find quality, to the point & easy to understand and follow (especially being a newbie grower).
    Keep up the great work Scott 🙂

  5. Scott I want to tell you how much I enjoy your communication skills you are a wonderful educator thank you so much for making these videos I really get a lot out of the presentations 👍

  6. Beautiful plant. This is the only video I have seen that says Amber trichomes are good. Every other video says that when they turn amber the plant is starting to Ness. That means your plants in starting to die. When you see just a few trichomes turn amber that is when your flowers have the most THC.

  7. When you harvest CBD plants for medicine. What should the trichomes look like and the potency of the CBD at its highest amount.I can not find any information anywhere about when to harvest and what to look for. I need help.

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