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ALPHABET STOCK ANALYSIS (GOOGLE) – For the LONG LONG term investor (Value Investing)

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  1. Hi Andrew. Love your channel but think you got the shares outstanding wrong for your google calculations which makes a huge difference to Intrinsic value calculations. Total shares are around 685 million compared to 336 million you used. It’s still a safe stock but the decent returns are not as safe as you think. Likely a 9% return on current price if 15% growth maintains.

  2. I agree that Google does a good job of pushing their business forward. I like them as a long term play. I think it'll be hard for any of their competitors to overtake them.

    I like your comments on airlines and cruise lines. We shouldn't make speculative bets in the market, due diligence is important.

  3. Appreciate all the info you are putting out on your videos, great solid info!!
    would you mind doing a stock analysis on Qualcomm, ticker QCOM.
    This is a very interesting company and with 5G rolling out heavier over the next 1.5 yrs I think it will be a good one…thanks!

  4. Haha there are really too many people these days making videos on whether to buy airline or cruise companies but honestly who knows how long more this will go on for. Another excellent video Andrew! Road to 200 subscribers here you come!

  5. Muahah, I have told people the same thing. It's funny people will spend countless hours or days researching which phone or coffee maker they should get, but will invest thousands of dollars with zero thought or research. Thanks for the excellent analysis. I love that consistent growth you demonstrate across the charts. I really wish they paid a dividend too, but maybe someday.

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