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Adjusting Recipes for the Instant Pot Mini 3qt

Find the Instant Pot Mini 3qt here: …

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  1. What about making baked potatoes? I know in one of your other videos you cooked a bunch of potatoes in your 6qt for 15 minutes. But if I just want to cook 2 or 3 potatoes in the 3qt, would I need to change anything?

  2. This is good to know. I got my 3qt to make sides in. But if I decide to do more, then at least I have you to help me with converting recipes. I also make my yogurt in my 3qt. Thanks

  3. Have you made oatmeal in the mini? Also yogurt in the mini. Could you do a video on both oatmeal & yogurt in the mini? Thank you I really like your videos.

  4. do u use a 3 qt in addt to a 6 qt? i have a 6 qt, bought 2 yrs ago used it for a little bit, put it away , recently came back out to try 1 pot meals or using the steam functions mostly….recently borrowed mom's so i can do soup in one and cook mains in other…considering getting the 3 qt for smaller things like grains…

  5. I usually do the pot in pot oatmeal recipe which was 15 minutes steam in the 6 quart. I just got the mini pot. I used 1 cup water 15 minutes it wasn’t as done.

  6. Not picking a fight, but some Duo minis (like mine) run a tad cooler and owners report they need to add time. I've found this particularly true when cooking frozen meat or poultry.

  7. The Instant Pot website says the minimum liquid for the 3 qt size is just a half a cup. I think the article where I found that may have come out after this video. It's called "The Secret to Making the Most of a mini or 8 qt Instant Pot"

  8. I have a question……I haven't yet found a video that explains the pressure release. I just bought the mini and I would like to know how do you know when to do a quick release and when do you let the pressure drop of its own accord?

  9. This could explain why it took longer for my navy beans for Boston Baked Beans to get to the proper texture (softness) when I made it in my mini. I was not aware that the recipe is designed for a bigger pot with higher pressure. According to the recipe book that came with the mini the navy beans from dry to finished softness should have taken no more than 25 minutes, and I thought that was really fast even for pressure cooking as it can take hours in the oven. Needless to say, when I opened the I.P. the beans were still fairly hard. Ultimately it took about one hour and ten minutes total for the beans to be the right softness.
    Still, even at one hour, that's far faster than the traditional way of baking them.
    You would think that the company would have a different version of the cook chart and amounts for the recipes in the book specifically for the mini rather than the default 6qt size recipes and times. :-/
    I just recently got a 6qt I.P., I hope the cooking charts in the recipe book work out better. Though, my pasta dish came out perfect in the mini using the book that came with it.
    I did find I had to remove half the beans from the mini because they were getting too close to the max line as they swelled up and I didn't want to risk starch and other stuff getting in the valve. So I had to cook the Boston "Baked" Beans in 2 batches.
    OH! And I bought the same steamer pot that you did for my new 6qt. I also want to get the silicone trivet with handles on it (no foil slings for me) and I want to get a spring form pan eventually to make cheese cakes in. I have never made a cheese cake before in any fashion.
    I have also had great success making hard boiled eggs in the mini using your tutorial! I made 8 eggs and they ALL peeled just fine! I have never had that many eggs peel nicely in a batch. Some will peel fine, some get mangled and everything in between. Pressure cooking eggs is the way to go. Though I did get a few yolks with some green on them, but nothing horrible.
    They were farm fresh eggs too, from a friend's farm.

  10. Thanks for the mini tips. I bought a mini ultra for our RV and will using it next month for the first time. I was a bit concerned as I have two 6 qt Ultras and loads of recipes but not much for my mini. Nice to know I can use the same recipes.

  11. Great video, Nili! You're coming up with some really informative videos and they are super helpful. I agree completely with @Judi Dunham!
    By the way, did you get new floors? I thought I remember carpet before? They look great!

  12. Wow, this was full of good hints! Thanks so much for doing the "thinking" for us, Nili. Makes it so much easier to know what to do with my IP Mini. Have a great week! 🙂

  13. I've seen yogurt made in the larger instant pots (6 and 8 quart) i got my fiance a 3 quart Mini, and it does have the botton for yogurt. What i would like to see you makeal a video. My fiance is going primarily use the mini to make her ( Greek yogurts) thank you for showing videos of smaller instant pots

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