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A Rat Eats Joey Diaz's Edible Cookie

The Church of What’s Happening Now Episode #362 Joey Diaz, Lee Syatt, and guest Ari Shaffir #JoeyDiaz #LeeSyatt #AriShaffir.

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  1. One time a rat infested barn was burn down in my area. So all the sudden my house and neighbors had rats show up in like a week. Woke up to a rat on my chest wile i was sleeping. He was eating a fuxking thin oreo on my chest. I swaer i thought it was my cat it was so big. It was there a min before i felt its tail rub my for arm then i realized it wasnt my cat. Clubbed his ass to death with a baseball bat

  2. One time my friwnds cat ate some weed. Then it was on like a 2 foot high table and wouldnt jump off cuz it thought it was too high up. Lol he was baked. Little bastard ate almost out whole cut. We had like a doob left after cat was done

  3. I caught a sewer rat and bought an 80 buck cage for it. Named it after my new girlfriend. Introduced them same night. Thing forced the door open in the night and escaped. I heard fucking squeakin noises all the way down the street. Anyway, rat is fine we still living together. Never saw that bitch again.

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