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A Bald Man Gets A Hair Transplant

Kane from BuzzFeed try a hair restoration technique – fue hair transplant surgery. He will challenge and reveal secret ways men feel insecure about being bald.

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  1. Hey ya'll! Just wanted to say this is a unique behind the scenes view, from the patient perspective, this is a very comfortable experience. I slept most of the time and I didn’t see any blood at all during the procedure because everything was happening outside my view. The numbing was slightly uncomfortable, but after that, everything was completely numb and fine (which is what you would want).

    Thank you Dr. Sean and his team for being very accommodating, professional, and sweet! Hope you're as excited as I am to see results in a year! – Kane

  2. You could do a Hair Transplant where they take hair from another part of your body and they place it on your bald spot. But be advised, it they use you pubic or anal hair for the transplant, on hot days

  3. VERY SATISFYING VIDEO TO WATCH! Blessed people for those who don't have any hairloss problems with their Hair and at the same time I understand how it feels where you are getting older and you sometimes have been seeing losing your hair. This video has a lot of lessons then.

  4. I stopped watching when you said… "I Knew I was going to be bald because my dad is super-bald".
    The fact that your dad is "Super-Bald" has nothing to do with your going bald.
    The genetic factor that determined your baldness comes from your mother side.
    By the way…. The doctor is wrong about that also. Never heard a doctor say that your "dad side" may be responsible for your baldness. When he said that, you should have run out of his office.
    Completely wrong, and I challenge the doctor to show proof of the opposite.
    A lot of non-sense in the video. Instead of informing, you are confusing, and spreading false, misleading information. Good-bye.

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