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7 Top Penny Stocks To Buy πŸ”₯| May 2020

Charlie goes over the Top 7 Penny Stocks to buy and watch in May 2020. He also provides evidence for his findings as well as his opinion so that the viewer can …

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  1. Hey! So, I really like the content of your videos. I think, the way you analyse stocks and possible trades is really great. I'm also impressed on the number of stocks you present as well as the amount of informations you present about them. Great work!
    At the same time, I would like to give you some feedback on your presentation. To my mind, you talk super fast, so it's hard (for me) to follow sometimes, cause I really want to pay attention to everything you say. And, in a way, you seem ….unrelaxed and even a bit aggressive. If that's your character, that's fine with me and definitely you are okay the way you are. But I if it is the "character" you play – I think you don't need it. My impression is that when you just act relaxed, professionell, you might reach an even bigger crowd.
    Hope this feedback is of some value to you. Really like your videos!

  2. Took your advise and invested huge money in XSPA and made my 1st investment a great success. Thank you so very much for wonderful suggestions..

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