66% of Americans support marijuana legalization: poll managing editor Peter Suderman discusses why the U.S. should legalize marijuana.

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  1. Remember in 2007 when obama said he was going to legalize marijuana and thats how he got so popular before anyone knew he was black they knew he was supposed to be for weed and yea hes turned out to be a fucking lier and a disaster

  2. Ot should be. Moat of the drugs should be. It will better for everyone. Control and quality. We all know that no fuck one can stop kids to try stuff. That way it will be controlled. This is how I think. :))

  3. Don't legalize it, in Canada it's a mess and the gouv is trying to take monopoly and prices are higher and there is no stock in Canada gouv weed stores. And, they added more laws on weed.

  4. This is the downfall of the country. Everybody already is puffing on the oil pens, baked off there ass all day. I see it everywhere. Marijuana is a gateway drug it’s impossible to say it isn’t.

  5. I started using it again after 14 years for anxiety/ depression and lupus. It has helped more than any opiate or prescription medicine. I fully support it and so does everyone I know. Nobody has ever died from cannibis. EVER

  6. In Colorado where recreational weed is legal, Dish network fired a disabled employee for using marijuana on his personal time and even had a prescription for it! So what goo does it do anyone if jobs can still terminate you for using pot?

  7. Why are states spending millions in ads and programs to get people to stop smoking cigarettes but same time wanting to legalize marijuana? It is insane. Marijuana deposits wayyyy more tar into the lungs and damages brain cells. Only thing I can think of is greedy money grubber politicians.

  8. The ones resisting it are old farts in power that either don't want to hear or cant hear the people. Big pharma doesnt want to lose it revenue on drugs that are 10 times worse and addictive than medicinal marijuana

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