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6 Stretches You Should Do Everyday To Improve Flexibility And Function

6 of the best stretches you should do everyday for flexibility and function. This daily stretching routine will help improve mobility in your spine, hips, and …

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  1. I'm 64, 5'5"in height, 64kilos(140pound) and I'm still very spry and flexible. I have the spring of a mountain cat and can sprint like a billygoat. I've never been into the stupid vanity of the gym scene nonsense and I dont spend nonsensical hours a week exercising. That said I'm a window cleaner which helps as very physical work. But dont have to exercise "every day". Just do mainly some hindu push ups, V – ups, squats, & lunges every now 'n then, & push ups & skipping occasionally. But I dont make a religion of it, thereby making me feel bad if fail to do anything for a day or 2 or even longer than a week. Jesus Christ is my God not being fit and healthy, though these wonderful benefits are byproducts of MAINTAINING a good routine & discipline of the BEST nutritional supplements, treating my body as a temple, healthy eating& exercise IN MODERATION. The key is, EVERYTHING in moderation, as my late godly mum used to say. As a comment below wisely says, "keep it sweet & brief". Same with exercise, more is not necessarily better. From Australia

  2. Thank you for this excellent video! I have a tight psoas muscle which seems to be contributing to low back pain. I have been doing your hip flexor stretches for a short while now. Do you have any other stretches that would specifically target the psoas area?

  3. any recommendations at all please for someone who has been on bed rest for a couple of years and is suffering from getting out of breath easily (climbing stairs) & blood pooling when standing.

    Thanks x

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