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57 Minutes of Advice For People Early In Their Career | Chase Fireside Chat 2019

In this fireside chat, Gary talks to a group of young professionals working for Chase bank about their professional careers and how they should be thinking about …

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  1. I just uploaded a motivational video on my channel, and it would mean the world if you could check it out?

    Regardless, I hope you have a great day! Remember: You matter 🙂

  2. I fancied myself as a singer. Big problem, I was afraid to get up in front of people and sing. Afraid? Petrified would be more of a descriptor. Then one day (30 years ago) in Laughlin Nevada a buddy and I went to the Loosers Bar in one of the casinos and they had this thing called "karaoke". One gentleman and his wife were singing their hearts out. No one besides that couple, the bartender, and my friend and me were in the bar. It took me three drinks in two hours to finally get up and sing a song (Sister Golden Hair, by America). The last hour and a half it was just my friend and me. After the first song, about five more immediately followed. I continued to sing other songs even after additional customers entered the bar. Though not as frequent.

    I found the more often I sang the easier it got. Looking back, I turned the fear into something bigger than what i needed to. It was almost a physical form. As soon as I stood up to it, it was like in the movies where the physical form of something scary vaporizes. I still get the jitters but I'm able to move past it. It is exactly the way Gary describes it, riding a bike for the first time, kissing a girl for the first time, interviewing for that first "grown-up" job. Do it enough times it becomes easier and easier.

    Thanks for your content Gary!

    D-Rock, keep up the good work too!


  3. "A lot of people will live up to 110 years of age."

    Not really. But in the tech world everything seems possible, lots of folks feel like creators themselves, having swallowed a lot of modern "management esotericism".
    The average male life expectation in the US slightly decreased 3 times in a row to a little under 77 years.

  4. I respect the idea of hanging out at a retirement home for a day. But as far as living to 100 – I don't think Gary has had enough relatives live to that age to understand the hell that those people go through. They may be mentally coherent for about 2 hours a day, on average. And the people that old don't want to be around other old people in retirement homes. They miss younger people and living around family. We don't have a good solution for this as a society, because it isn't lawful to force an older relative out of their home and to move in with other family. They all think they are going to die in their own homes, until a doctor insists they can no longer care for themselves – after they fall, are no longer eating, and are peeing before they can make it to the bathroom. Sorry for the graphic nature, but this is what it is to be that age.

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