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3 Instant Pot Recipes for the Egg Bites Mold

Hey guys! Today I am sharing 3 different recipes in the Instant Pot using the Egg Bites Mold, a breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have tried a couple different …

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  1. As others have mentioned, dredge the blueberries either in a little flour or pancake mix powder and don't add them until the last minute. Also, the batter looks a little too thin. Maybe a little less water. Recommendation from another channel is to lay a sheet of paper towel over the mold before you wrap in foil to absorb excess condensation. Keep trying, you'll find you perfect balance.

  2. Maybe a tablespoon or two less water because the berries add moisture. Please — no music. miniature sausages instead of hotdogs. From Catherine's Plates  she puts a paper towel  under the foil to soak up condensation.

  3. I coat the molds (metal and silicon) with coconut oil. It works as a mold release, and is yummy!
    Try it with eggs, meat, cakes, or anything…if you don't like the coconut oil, any cooking oil is worth a try.
    Try different oils for different things, you'll find what you like.

  4. i am thinking the fresh blueberries gave off steam too so maybe why it exploded. i would try blanching the blue berries (you can do this ahead of time and save) so they are already cooked somewhat…blueberries color the batter, which i don't necessarily mind, but if you do then put the blueberries in the powdered mix first, dredge them, and it supposed to keep the color from leeching out to the batter. also seeing they blew out of the mould, wonder if you used a wee bit less of the ingredients would keep them in the mould? no matter…if it tastes good it isn't a problem for me.

  5. Hi. I watched the recipe making the blueberry pancake bites. Have you tried letting the batter sit in thee bowl for 5-10 minutes before cooking it? I know when I make pancakes I do this and it make them come out fluffier. Just curious your thoughts on this. Thanks for the recipes. I am going to give them a go.

  6. Have you tried spray oil in your egg bite mold? You could also contact six sister stuff they are like pros at the instant pot thing I have learned so many things from them they might know to what to do for the egg bites they are on YouTube

  7. If you're still working out the recipe, while those measuring cups are cute, i wonder how accurate they are?
    Does spraying the mold help?
    I wonder if there is a way to stack those molds?
    Cute dress on your instantpot!

  8. The pancake bites looked like a murder scene. Do you think that maybe they were too runny so the batter didn't contain the berries? Should you use the same batter consistency as if you were going to cook them on a griddle? I really liked your corn dog bites. I bet they would be really good with cheese!

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