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2019 Cannabis Re-Veg outdoor grow in Maine (#6)

garden and nutrients overview.

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  1. I think your doing great only thing I can think of to help that I wish I could do is clear some of the tree branches to let more direct light in, they'll really appreciate it this time of year and I heard you say you cut trees for a living so it shouldn't take more then a few hours and it will make a huge difference

  2. You kill your "living" soil when you use synthetic nutrients. Not to mention the run off making it's way into the ground water and poisoning us all. Make the switch to organic, dude. After seeing your set up, I was shocked to see you using that crap…

  3. Interesting you half buried those cloth pots. I could be wrong but I believe the purpose of the cloth pots is to help with airflow for root development. If you half bury it would only give you half the air it could be getting. Again I'm not trying to troll you bro, garden looks great just one thing i noticed. Could help increase your yield on those cool trellises.

  4. Silica Blast is only needed if you're in an area where your plants get too hot like in the 100 degree range. Low key you don't need it. I run botanicare in my Garden indoor and outdoor im in cali btw.. the bat guano you have is rich in nitrogen I would give it all to the rest of your plants as top-dressing and water in next time you water. The bat guano that you have is good for veg state. And if you want to see a huge jump in your plants for growing start foilar feeding. Try mix pure protein cod fish emulsion (its dry 30$ per pound about but 100000% worth it) 15-1-1 NPK 1 tea spoon per gallon and add some botanicare liquid karma to it 15 to 20 ml to gallon. You can spray it 2 to 3 times a week and it will make ur plants grow at least 1 to 2 inches a day. Liquid karma and the pure protine cod can be used untill first 2 weeks of flower as spray. But it can be used untill you flush your plants as a water in.

  5. be careful with the neem oil and make sure to shake the bottle to mix before application. i hit my plant too hard in one spot and lost some foliage. good vid and thank you.

  6. I got some indica blueberry kush I remember the problems I had with it last year. Got 5 plants but 2 look weak I almost killed them mistaking them for weeds.

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